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Ali Abdaal’s Personal Statment Top Tips

Ali, one of our co-founders, has put together a video covering 13 top tips for writing a Medicine Personal Statement.

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Personal Statement Complete Guides

Everything You Need To Know

The complete guide to writing your Medicine personal statement.

Personal Statement Use In Interviews

Discover how your personal statement will be used in your interviews.

How To Write A Personal Statement

Learn what it takes to write the perfect personal statement.

Personal Statement Tips & Advice

Personal Statement Top Tips

5 top tips when it comes to tackling your Personal Statement.

Mistakes To Avoid

Find out the common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Personal Statement Success Guide [Part 1]

How to write an effective opener and what to include in your personal statement.

Personal Statement Success Guide [Part 2]

How to effectively discuss your medical interests and further reading.

Pay whatever you want (even £1!) for our Personal Statement support.

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