MMI Crash Course – Schools

Our one-day course focused on training you up for the Multiple Mini Interviews.

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Give your students a realistic feel of what their interviews will be like.

Depending on the number of applicants at your school we may be able to run our in-house course on-site, saving you and your students the hassle of travelling to our course venues by coming to you instead.

Why the 6med MMI Course?

The 6med MMI crash course is the perfect way to prepare your students for the their upcoming interviews as we can turn a small hall into a realistic MMI centre.

With more medical schools changing from the more Traditional format to Multiple Mini Interviews, it is important that students are able to familiarise themselves with the format and be prepared for the process. By the end of the day students will have experienced 16 mock MMI stations, received detailed individualised feedback from our experienced medical student interviewers and obtained a copy of our 200-page A4 course book packed with interview advice. We also provide the school with general student feedback.

Our MMI Course

Our tried and tested MMI crash course has received widespread positive feedback ad high praise from both students and teachers who attribute their success to our course. 100% of students that have taken the course have expressed that they would recommend the course to a friend (see below for school testimonials).

The in-house mock MMI course consists of an 8 station circuit that students will cycle around twice. In each cycle, the stations students will attempt are:

  • Ethics
  • Current Topic Debate
  • Medical Probity and Professionalism
  • Data Interpretation
  • Understanding of Role
  • Work Experience + Motivation
  • Breaking Bad News/Role Play
  • Person/Patient Interaction

Just as in real-life MMIs, students have 1 minute to read the station blurb and 5 minutes to attempt the station to our panel of experienced medical student interviewers and actors. Following their attempt, interviewers will then provide students with written comprehensive positive and constructive personalised feedback for 3 minutes. During this feedback session, interviewers break down the students’ performance based on the station-specific criteria. When the 3 minutes are finished, students move on to the next station and start the process again.

We pair up students with one another throughout the day with them alternating turns of participation and observation – but by the end of the day each student will have had an opportunity to participate in every station. This allows students to learn from each other as well as enabling them to see the interviews from an examiners point of view.

Reviews From Schools

These are testimonials from the schools we have run the MMI Crash Course at.

6med kindly accepted to come to our college at short notice to provide a comprehensive MMI mock circuit for 55 of our aspiring Medicine and Dentistry students! They were very accommodating and gave expert advice to all students, including the Dentists! This practice was fundamental in the development of our students’ preparation for university interviews, and we accredit a lot of our students’ success to 6med’s innovative approach and teaching style. -Hayley Bendle, Cardiff Sixth Form College

“We very much enjoyed having you and the team from 6med in to  run the MMI training day. After an intensive and thorough teaching session, our students were well briefed on all the key interview topics and discussion areas. The circuit itself replicated the unique environment of the MMI process. All the interviewers were well prepared and gave convincing performances as interviewers and thoughtful and necessary feedback to each student. I can only hope that our candidates manage to obtain as much as our last cohort who also undertook the course. We look forward to seeing you all again in the future!” – Mr Choy, Bancrofts High School.

Contact Us

We are able to run a course at your school on weekends from November to February, so feel free to get in contact with us and we can arrange a time to visit and help out your medical applicants.

If this course is of interest to you and your students and you’d like to get in touch about pricing  please feel free to get in contact with us.