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Ali Abdaal's Medicine Interview Tips Video Series

Ali, one of our co-founders, has put together a load of pretty great videos about interviews, including interview preparation, how to answer specific questions and how to deal with Oxbridge interviews. We’ve linked some of them below.

Free Medicine Interview Articles

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Complete Interview Guides

Panel Interview Guide

All you need to know about the panel style of interviews.

Oxbridge Interview Guide

Busting the myths, intrigue and fear surrounding Oxbridge interviews.

MMI Interview Guide

How to prepare for the big day and smash each MMI scenario.

Interview Skills

Communication Skills

Learn how to demonstrate strong communication skills.

Dedication & Commitment

Find out how to articulate your motivation to interviewers.

Mindset Management

Your inner and outer game, how to fight the nerves on interview day.

Medical Ethics Interview Guide

Discover the theories of ethics and interview questions you might face.

Healthcare, Hot Topics and Current Affairs

Read some useful tips on how to keep yourself up to date in time for your interview.

Interview Questions

Common Questions

Learn the common Medicine interview questions and how to answer them.

Qualities Of A Good Doctor

Find out the skills and qualities of a good doctor and how to demonstrate them.

How To Show Empathy

Understanding the feelings of others is crucial, here's how to show it.

What Are Your Biggest Weaknesses?

Discover how to answer this common question and evaluate yourself critically.

240 Medicine Interview Questions

Check out our list of 240 Medicine interview questions, with 80 fully worked responses.

210 Dentistry Interview Questions

With the help of our expert tutors we have compiled a list of 210 questions with 70 worked answers.

Interview Preparation Guides

Interview Formats, Dates & Decision Dates

Here's every UK medical schools' interview process, dates and decision dates.

5 Things To Do Before Your Interview

5 things that you can do to help you smash your medical school interview.

What Do They Look For In An Interview?

Find out exactly what medical schools and the GMC are looking for in potential students.

How To Prepare For Your Interview

Read our 4 best tips on how to prepare effectively and get yourself interview ready.

8 Tips For MMI Interview Success

Check out our list of insightful tips to ensure that you are fully equipped for your MMI.

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