We created the 6med Complete Bundle because we had a ton of students looking for support with their entire application. With this, you’ll get access to EVERYTHING 6med have to offer!

All for just £1,662 £649.

Includes support for both the UCAT and BMAT, along with the Personal Statement & Interview support.

Does your application process not include BMAT? We’re now offering the same full experience and comprehensive support for students who aren’t required to take the BMAT.

All for just £1,199 £549.

Includes support for only the UCAT, along with the Personal Statement & Interview support.

We are running all of our Crash Courses online in 2021 due to COVID-19.

We are running all of our Crash Courses online in 2021 due to COVID-19.

In A Nutshell


Priced at £649, the 6med Complete Bundle puts all of our bundles together. It’s the bundle of all bundles! You’ll get a place on five of our Crash Courses, Personal Statement re-drafts, mock interviews, Personal Statement, BMAT, UCAT and Interview Online Courses, access to BMAT & UCAT.Ninja™, BMAT essay marking and all of our critically acclaimed workbooks as e-books. This massive bundle is quite literally all you need for your medicine application… and at a hefty discount!

You’ll save £1,003 from buying these individually!

In A Nutshell

We know you’re busy. So here’s the essential information about the 6med Complete Bundle.

Expert support to craft the perfect Personal statement.

  1. Personal Statement Crash Course: This is a full-day course that covers all aspects of your Personal Statement. You’ll end the day with a strong first draft.
  2. Digital Personal Statement Masterclass: A beautifully presented online course with 20+ videos and 2+ hours of valuable content instantly available to you.
  3. Personal Statement 5 x Redrafts: You’ll get expert edits from our specialist medical tutors with actionable feedback – you can submit a draft as soon as you’ve bought the bundle!
  4. Personal Statement E-Book: Instant access to a huge A4 workbook which is the perfect reference manual for your Personal Statement preparation.

Boost your BMAT score rapidly through courses, questions banks and more.

  1. BMAT Crash Course: This is a full-day course that covers all sections of the BMAT in-depth. You’ll also plan an example essay as a class and learn how to manage the strict time limits.
  2. Digital BMAT Masterclass: A series of 55+ videos with tonnes of worked examples and questions instantly available to you.
  3. BMAT.Ninja™: The intelligent system takes you through over 1,400 practice questions with fully worked solutions.
  4. BMAT E-Book: Instant access to a gigantic 300-page A4 tome/BMAT bible.
  5. BMAT 5 x Essay Marking: BMAT essay marking from expert medical tutors who’ll give helpful suggestions on improving your score – you can submit a draft as soon as you’ve bought the bundle.

Smash the UCAT with 6med by your side, every step of the way.

  1. UCAT Crash Course: A full-day course which covers all sections of the UCAT. You’ll leave with a clear understanding of how to tackle each of the question styles.
  2. UCAT.Ninja™: The system gives you valuable practice for the UCAT with over 1,300 practice questions and fully worked solutions.
  3. Digital UCAT Masterclass: A series of 60+ videos and 7+ hours of content – instantly available to you.
  4. UCAT E-Book: Instant access to the 300-page A4 UCAT bible. Can you see a theme here?

Get valuable interview practice and experience to interview like a pro.

  1. Interview Crash Course: A full-day interview course which gives you the best strategies, tips and advice to apply to your medical interview.
  2. MMI Crash Course: This is a half-day course which takes you through a realistic MMI circuit twice, giving you 18 individual mock interviews. This is a course all about gaining experience.
  3. Digital Interview Masterclass: A series of 40+ videos and articles with 6+ hours of content all focused on helping you with your medical interviews available instantly after purchase.
  4. Interview E-Book: Instance access to a 200-page A4 Interview handbook. Your reference for all things interview.

If you’ve already purchased another Bundle separately but would like to upgrade to the Complete Bundle, you can do this!

Simply buy the Complete Bundle and we’ll refund your previous purchase, minus a small £10 admin fee.

Book today and craft the perfect medical application.

All of our resources and courses are created and led by tutors who have recently gone through the process and passed with flying colours. We’ve helped thousands of students with their medical applications. Will yours be next?