Medicine Interview Crash Course


In A Nutshell

In A Nutshell

Applying for Medicine is time-consuming…. so here’s the key information about our Interview Crash Course.

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Course Overview

Course Overview

7 hours. Is it enough to prepare you for your Medicine Interview? Of course not. But it’s a great foundation.

7 hours. Is it enough to prepare you for your Medicine Interview? Of course not. But it’s a great foundation.


Interview Skills

Doing well at your medical school interview is all about coming across as a friendly, likeable person who is passionate about becoming a doctor, and has the qualities, knowledge and determination to be a good one. A big part of showing this will be effective communication. You’ll be taught how to communicate effectively through:

  • Communication skills seminar
  • Answering common question types
  • Structuring your answers effectively


Common Interview Topics

We’ll teach you what you need to know about things like medical ethics, the NHS, and current affairs. This won’t be read to you, though – the entire Interview Crash Course is designed to be as interactive as possible. Some of the topics we’ll cover during the course of the day:
  • Medical ethics workshop & group work
  • NHS and Current Affairs – Things you should know
  • MMI stations – Lateral thinking & breaking bad news


Putting Your Learning Into Practice

This is where the real fun begins! We’ll give a volunteer a mock interview in front of the rest of the class whilst they watch and critique. The volunteer can (and should) use the knowledge they gained in the morning to give themselves an advantage, and after the interview, both the instructors and the other students will give them constructive feedback about what they did wonderfully and what could be improved.

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee everyone a mock interview.


Begin the day with an introduction to the interview.


We’ll then move onto the traits of a good doctor.


We’ll work on creating an experience bank.


Now is time for a break.


We’ll start talking about inner and outer game.


Time to start the introduction to medical ethics.


It’s time to eat! (Lunch break)


We’ll go through common interview questions.


Let’s work through an example interview.


Feeling exhausted? Time for a short break.


Let the mock interviews begin.


Time to wrap up and Q&A session to make sure everything’s clear!


Course officially ends.

Interview Workbook

Interview Workbook

The Interview Crash Course Workbook provides you with valuable insights to prepare for your MMI & Pannel interviews.

Dates & Venues

Dates & Venues

We run our 2024 Interview Crash Courses from late October until December. Book to secure your place!

We run our 2024 Interview Crash Courses from late October until December. We are running our Interview Crash Courses online in 2024. You can check and book your place on our Crash Course by clicking the button below.

Experience our unique, truly engaging course format.

What's included in the Interview Tutoring Bundles?

Our Interview Tutoring Bundles feature everything you need for your medical school interview preparation. As well as access to the crash course, you’ll also gain access to tuition hours, mock interviews and extensive materials to prepare with. 

Here’s what’s included in each of our Interview Bundles. 



Until 01/07

Teaching Hours: 4h | Resource Hours: 2h



Extra Support



Until 01/07

Teaching Hours: 20h | Resource Hours: 10h



Extra Support



Until 01/07

Teaching Hours: 52h | Resource Hours: 30h



Extra Support

If you need full support for the entire medicine application process, including the Personal Statement, UCAT and Interview, explore our Medicine Mastery Bundles to find the package that suits you.

Course Reviews

Hundreds and hundreds of students have attended our courses and loved them. In this page, you can find their unedited reviews of our courses.

Advanced Interview Bundles Feature More!

Alongside our standard Interview Crash Course, we also offer a live MMI Crash Course, exclusive to the Advanced Interview Bundle and Medical Mastery Bundles. Discover what’s covered in out MMI Crash Course now. 


Got some questions about the Interview Crash Course or the Interview Tutoring Bundle as a whole? You might just find the answer here. If not, you can always reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help!

Our Interview Tutoring Bundles combine all of our medicine interview resources into one package. You’ll get different support based on the Bundle that you pick. The Essential Bundle has some 1-1 tutoring and an Interview Workbook. The Advanced Bundle, in comparison, has a ton of 1-1 tutoring, live courses, a masterclass and much more!

The Medicine Mastery Bundle combines all of our medicine applications into one, comprehensive collection. 

The Medicine Mastery Bundle includes:

  • 80+ hours of personalized tutoring
  • 4 mock interviews
  • 4 live courses (UCAT, Personal Statement, Interview, and MMI)
  • Full UCAT Ninja Question Bank access (revision notes, practice questions, full mock papers)
  • 3 workbooks (Personal Statement, UCAT, Interview)
  • Online courses for the Personal Statement, UCAT, and Interview
  • Pro Masterclass to get ahead in your first year of medical school
  • Medicine application consultation
  • Unlimited course attendance
  • Guaranteed place or continue for free

Aside from Dr. J. Watson, Dr. House & Dr. Strange… No, but seriously speaking – the tutors we work with belong to the top 10% of the best universities in the UK, all of them are outstanding students and are 100% committed to helping our students get the best results in their interviews.

The Oxbridge Crash Course is designed to target the kind of topics students will face when interview at Oxford or Cambridge. These universities tend to focus more on the applicants scientific knowledge and tests their critical thinking.

The Interview Crash Course is a more general course which is more applicable to non-Oxbridge universities.

The choice is yours!

That’s right, we noticed that weekends are the best time for tutors and students, so our courses are only available on weekends. If you cannot attend any weekend, then Interview tutoring may be better suited to your schedule.

Absolutely, we recommend that when you choose the day for your course, you must be completely sure that you’ll be available to take it. Sometimes life happens though – if you can’t attend, you have 14 days to let us know.

The course is held live on our innovative teaching platform (not a boring Zoom course!). You’ll be sent over a link and a companion guide so you can follow along with ease.