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UCAT Complete Guide

This article teaches you everything you need to know to start preparing for the exam, before excelling in it of course!

UCAT Scoring and Results Guide

We take you through the UCAT scoring system covering good, average and bad scores and how universities use the test.

Verbal Reasoning Guide

We break down the Verbal Reasoning section of the UCAT to help you gain a better understanding of what will come up.

Decision Making Guide

Decision Making tests your ability to apply logic to make decisions, read on to get comfortable with this section of the UCAT.

Quantitative Reasoning Guide

Maths and problem solving, if only it was that simple! We'll show you how to approach and score highly on this section.

Abstract Reasoning Guide

Ready to be tested on your spacial awareness and lateral thinking? Read on to start getting confident with shape-based patterns.

Situational Judgement

Your ability to understand real world situations. We explain how to choose the appropriate actions in the test.

UCAT Precision Revision

We break down the UCAT and outline the different sections and how to tackle them.

Productive UCAT Home Revision

It can be difficult to revise at home, there are so many distractions to manage. To help you, we put together some advice on how to maximise your productivity at home.

UCAT Tips and Tricks

Solidifying bad habits and techniques is a big no-no, these tips will help you get started on the right UCAT preparation path.

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