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Complete Guides

Everything You Need To Know

Everything you need to know to start preparing & excelling in the UCAT.

UCAT Scoring and Results

How is it scored, what is a good score and how do universities use the test?


Which Universities will accept a Good, Average or Low UCAT Score? Find out in this guide!

Parents Guide

Is your son or daughter taking the UCAT? This guide will show you how you can help.

Revision and Preparation

UCAT Precision Revision

How to target your weak points and revise effectively for each section.

UCAT Revision Timetables

Plan your prep weeks or even months in advance with our amazing timetables!

Using Preparation Courses

UCAT and BMAT preparation courses, are they useful and should I join?

Best UCAT Revision Courses

Which UCAT course should you take? This guide will help you choose from the best.

Revising UCAT From Home

Stellar advice to maximise your productivity and revision at home.

UCAT Section Guides

Verbal Reasoning Guide

Learn how to interpret information and make correct assumptions.

Decision Making Guide

Find out how to apply logic to make decisions and reach conclusions.

Quantitative Reasoning Guide

Maths and problem solving, here's how to ace this section of the UCAT.

Abstract Reasoning Guide

Get ready to be tested on your spatial awareness and lateral thinking.

Situational Judgement

Learn how to identify critical factors and choose appropriate actions to deal with them.

Tips & Advice

How I Scored 825 In The UCAT

Find out how I scored 800+ and how you can score highly on every section of the UCAT.


Not sure about the differences between the UCAT and the BMAT? Find out in this guide!

When Should I Take The UCAT?

Should I take the test In August? Here's what you need to know about UCAT dates.

UCAT Tips and Tricks

These tips will get you started on the right UCAT preparation path.

10 UCAT Mistakes

Find out the common mistakes and how to avoid them.

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