Over the past 6 years, we’ve given out over £100,000 in bursaries for our courses and materials.

At 6med, we’re 100% committed to our goal of widening access to Medicine by levelling the playing field that’s been warped by corporations charging extortionate fees for their courses, and by “elite” schools giving their students help that others couldn’t even dream of.

We don’t want money to be a barrier to entry into Medicine, and while we’ve priced our courses significantly lower than our competitors, we understand that the price might still be too high for some students. That’s why we offer an unlimited number of bursaries to students for whom entry into Medicine is a realistic prospect but who, for whatever reason, would find it difficult to attend our courses on financial grounds.

Application Form

If you’re a realistic medical/veterinary/dentistry applicant and feel you can’t afford the price we’re asking, please fill out the application form below as completely as you can. A big part of our decision-making process for bursaries is looking at the effort that goes into the application form, so we’d suggest spending a bit of time getting it right 🙂

6med Bursary Application Form

Bursary Application Deadline: Friday 24th September 2021

Just a note – it takes time for us to review each bursary application, and we want to make sure we address every single one fairly. Because of this, it does take a little longer (around 2-3 weeks for us to process), so we recommend you get your bursary applications in good time. In that way, you don’t have to panic!