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In A Nutshell

In A Nutshell

We know you’re busy. So here’s the essential information about the 6med UCAT Preparation Course.

Course Overview

Course Overview

7 hours. Is it enough to prepare you for the UCAT? Of course not. But it’s a great foundation.

7 hours. Is it enough to prepare you for the UCAT? Of course not. But it’s a great foundation.

Verbal Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning tests your ability to critically reason statements and how they relate to the passages given.
We’ll be introducing you to the different types of statements, and going over techniques that’ll speed up your comprehension of the text and help you find the right answer in the shortest amount of time.

Decision Making

In Decision Making, you will have to use a number of different techniques to answer the different types of questions.
We have carefully taken apart this section and created a set of techniques for each question type. This section isn’t easy, but we’ll make it as bearable as possible and give you the best shot at doing well in this section.

Quantitative Reasoning

In this section we will quickly yet effectively run through every possible mathematical principle tested and make sure you have a strong grasp of these before tackling exam-style practice questions with interactive feedback.

Abstract Reasoning

Identifying patterns in pretty shapes is a welcome break from the stress of the previous two sections, and with a solid system in place, you can really raise your score here. Patterns can be painfully obvious, or ridiculously obscure and as usual, the objective is to beat the clock.

Situational Judgment

This section of the UCAT doesn’t contribute to your overall UCAT score, but instead, a raw score in this section will be expressed in one of four bands, with band 1 being the highest.
We’ll go through the correct approach for all SJT questions and how to work with a strategic framework that will help you become more confident in putting down an ethically robust answer and getting that Band 1 score!


Begin the day with a brief introduction to the course platform and the UCAT.


We’ll then move onto the Verbal Reasoning section.


Now it’s time for a short break.


Onto the numbers section – Quantitative Reasoning.


Get your shape and pattern head on, it’s time for Abstract Reasoning!


We will have another break to have a quick bite.


How to do right… let’s start the Situational Judgment section. 


Last but not least, we get onto Decision Making, the last section.


We are almost there! Let’s take a break to clear the mind. 



Summarise the key learning points with Q&A.

Dates & Venues

Dates & Venues

We run our 2022 UCAT Crash Courses almost every weekend from June until September.

We run our 2022 UCAT Crash Courses almost every weekend from June until September. Our UCAT Crash Courses in 2022 will be held online. You can  book your place by clicking the button below.

Experience our unique, truly engaging course format.

Course Materials

Course Materials

The Table of Contents is often a good indicator as to the content of a book. Here’s what ours looks like.

The Table of Contents is often a good indicator as to the content of a book. Here’s what ours looks like.

All UCAT Sections

Every section of the UCAT exam has a chunky section set aside in the workbook. You’ll get the basic information of the section to start and an understanding as to why the section is required. You’ll then move onto advanced tips and strategies to ensure you can get the highest possible score, along with tons of practice questions and fully worked solutions.

UCAT Preparation

Before anything else and teaching you the main strategies for tackling the UCAT, we want to give you the best advice on how to prepare on your own at home. This ‘Preparation’ chapter contains helpful tips on what you should be focusing on when preparing, making a study plan and general productivity. A solid game plan for your UCAT exam is something every test-taker should have.

UCAT Strategy

The ‘Strategy’ chapter will go through some of the most important principles and techniques you should know for the UCAT. There’s a clear overarching strategy that you should follow on top of the more specific strategies discussed within the individual sections: this crucially includes time management, when to discard and move on, and general approaches to questions

UCAT Practice

Much of exam success comes down to smart practice. Too many students fail to properly reflect upon their practice sessions and identify important areas to work on. You have to be your own coach when practising at home, and this means knowing what to look out for. This chapter will emphasise ways of maximising what you get out of every practice section.

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UCAT Course Reviews

Hundreds and hundreds of students have attended our courses and loved them. In this page, you can find their unedited reviews of our courses.


Got some questions about the UCAT Crash Course? You might just find the answer here. If not, you can always reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help!

The best UCAT course is the one that is best aligned to you. Most students find a live course to be highly effective as you can ask questions to your course lead on the fly. If you are someone who prefers to learn at your own pace, then you might actually find an online UCAT course may suit you better.

Of course, if it’s more than 14 days before the date of the course, you can change this for free! If it’s sooner than that, you can see check out our Terms & Conditions.

6med tutors have all scored in the top 10% for the UCAT. We make sure that every UCAT tutor knows their stuff, are friendly, and most importantly, want to see you succeed!

You’ll receive your UCAT Workbook right after checking out. This contains ton of useful tips, tricks, and strategies that you can apply before and after the course to get ready for the UCAT.

We don’t really change our prices, however, if you’re after a great deal, the UCAT Bundle has a fantastic discount all year round.

We’d highly recommend that you have a list of questions and things that you want to ask the tutors on the day, and they’ll be more than happy to help you.

The course has a specific structure, where we go deep section by section. We do cover all the test, just keep asking questions on bits that you might be unsure of!

We have been running our UCAT Crash Courses for many years and have taught over 10,000 students. We’ve got a course rating of 4.87/5 (from 4,281 reviews) and 100% of students said they would recommend us.

We run our courses on a super-engaging platform which allows you to interact with your course leader and other students.

Plus you get a huge 300-page UCAT book to take away and absorb knowledge from!

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