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Our medicine interview preparation has been designed by knowledgeable medics who have undergone the interview experience themselves. They understand what universities look for in a candidate, and can provide you with the best strategies for success.

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  1. Interview Crash Course: A full-day interview course which gives you the best strategies, tips and advice to apply to your medical interview.
  2. MMI Crash Course: This is a half-day course which takes you through a realistic MMI circuit twice, giving you 18 individual mock interviews. This is a course all about gaining experience.
  3. Digital Interview Masterclass: A series of 40+ videos and articles with 6+ hours of content all focused on helping you with your medical interviews. Available as soon as you checkout.
  4. Interview E-Book: A 200-page A4 Interview handbook and companion booklet instantly available to you. Your reference for all things interview.

Not ready to go all-in? You can also get the Interview Bundle components individually:


A full-day Crash Course which focuses on the strategy for medical interviews.


A half-day Crash Course which focuses on the popular MMI interview style.

Oxbridge Interview Course

A full-day Crash Course which focuses on the Oxbridge interview.

Medicine INTERVIEW Tutor

Awesome tuition from amazing tutors who know medical interviews inside out.


Instant access to 45+ high-quality step-by-step videos.


1-1 practice for your Medical Interview with the help of our awesome tutors.


Your handy reference manual for all things medical interview.

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