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6med interview support is created and delivered by knowledgable medics who truly want to see you succeed. We’ve been through the interview process and understand what tutors are looking for in candidates.


That’s exactly what we teach you.


There’s no smoke and mirrors here – we tried to make this page easy to understand so you’re not spending hours going through our site trying to compare and contrast your options.



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  1. Interview Crash Course: A full-day interview course which gives you the best strategies, tips and advice to apply to your medical interview.
  2. MMI Crash Course: This is a half-day course which takes you through a realistic MMI circuit twice, giving you 18 individual mock interviews. This is a course all about gaining experience.
  3. Digital Interview Masterclass: A series of 40+ videos and articles with 6+ hours of content all focused on helping you with your medical interviews. Available as soon as you checkout.
  4. Interview E-Book: A 200-page A4 Interview handbook and companion booklet instantly available to you. Your reference for all things interview.
  1. A full-day Crash Course which focuses on the strategy for medical interviews.
  2. We cover topics like common questions, ethics, and interview technique in a super interactive format.
  3. The 200-page Interview Workbook and Companion Guide are included with your booking!
  1. A half-day Crash Course which focuses on the popular MMI interview style.
  2. You’ll get tons of mock interview practice with 9 realistic MMI stations which you’ll pass through twice.
  3. The 200-page Interview Workbook and Companion Guide are included with your booking!
Oxbridge interview crash course
  1. A full-day Crash Course which focuses on the Oxbridge interview.
  2. You’ll go over common Oxbridge interview questions and learn how to think like an Oxbridge student.
  3. The 200-page Interview Workbook and Companion Guide are included with your booking!
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  1. Awesome tuition from amazing tutors who know medical interviews inside out.
  2. Available from just £25 per hour – you won’t find better value tuition anywhere.
  3. You can use your hours flexibly. Your tutor will always be an expert.
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  1. An online course which takes you through all areas of your medical interview.
  2. You’ll get instant access to 45+ high-quality videos that take you through your preparation, step-by-step.
  3. This is comprehensive preparation in a convenient online format.
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  1. A 200-page Workbook that usually accompanies our Crash Courses.
  2. Your handy reference manual for all things medical interview – we cover just about everything from common questions to upping your mental game.
  3. You’ll be sent the book instantly after purchasing in a useful e-book format.
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