Interview Preparation Bundle

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If you don’t get your medical school place this year, you can re-apply using the Interview Bundle for free next year!

What's Included In The Interview Bundle...

Here’s everything included in the Interview Bundle (also incidentally all you need to smash your medical school interview).


Interview / Oxbridge Crash Course

Take your pick between the Interview Crash Course and the Oxbridge Crash Course depending on where you’re applying to study.

What's the difference?

Interview Crash Course

Oxbridge Crash Course

Both courses will provide the following:

Interview Crash Course Schedule


Begin the day with an introduction to the interview.


We’ll then move onto the traits of a good doctor.


We’ll work on creating an experience bank.


Now is time for a break.


We’ll start talking about inner and outer game.


Time to start the introduction to medical ethics.


It’s time to eat! (Lunch break)


We’ll go through common interview questions.


Let’s work through an example interview.


Feeling exhausted? Time for a short break.


Let the mock interviews begin.


Time to wrap up and Q&A session to make sure everything’s clear!


Course officially ends.

Oxbridge Crash Course Schedule


Begin the day with a brief introduction.


We’ll get started by learning how to deal with unknown material.


We’ll then go through scientific questions you could expect to face and how to answer them.


Now it’s time for a short break.


We’ll now go through some calculations & estimations. 


Time for the Oxbridge curveball questions!


We will have another break to have a quick bite (if you’re hungry!)


Let’s start with the Mock Interviews.


Q&A and course wrap up. 


Course officially finishes. 

Experience our unique, truly engaging course format.

MMI Interview Course



Begin the day with a brief introduction.


We’ll get started with the first half of our MMI stages: Ethics, Medical Probity, Data Interpretation, Patient/Person interaction and Experience & Motivation. 


Now it’s time for a short break.


You will then go through the next stages: Current Topic Debate, Understanding Of Role, Breaking Bad News and Communication Skills. 


We’ll now have a debrief and Q&A.


Course officially finishes. 

A half-day Crash Course which focuses on the popular MMI Interview style. 


Interview Masterclass

Prepare for your all-important Medicine university Interview through 40+ videos and 6+ hours of content.

Interview Workbook


The Interview Workbook contains tons of valuable knowledge such as current affairs, MMI stations and common questions (and model answers!)

Book today and see your Interview skills grow.

All of our resources and courses are created and led by tutors who have recently gone through the process and passed with flying colours. We’ve helped thousands of students with their Medical Interviews. Will yours be next?


Got some questions about the Interview Bundle? You might just find the answer here. If not, you can always reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help!

Of course, yes! All you need to do is notify us via email at [email protected] 14 days in advance. We’ll take care of the rest 🙂

Unfortunately, we don’t have a preview available for the Interview Workbook. However, you can read about its contents on this page, or click the link to find out even more information.

Our Crash Courses are held remotely via our innovative course platform, so you can attend both from the comfort of your own home! When you check out, you can select your dates to attend and you will receive all the details in advance of the day. 

If you don’t get your medical school place this year, you can use the Interview Bundle again the next year for free! All you need to do is attend both Crash Courses and watch the Masterclass.

It certainly is! The Interview Masterclass  and Workbook are designed to provide support to every medicine applicant who needs help with their interviews. Oxbridge applicants can also attend a special Oxbridge Interview Crash Course in place of the regular Crash Course.

We would recommend starting your preparation with the Interview Masterclass, as this will take you from the basics all the way through to expert interview tips. This will also get you prepared for your Interview Crash Course and MMI Crash Course!

You get access to your resources as soon as you make your payment. You will then be sent details of your Crash Courses which you will attend on the day.

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