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Medical School Application [Definitive Guide]

2022-01-26T16:17:09+00:00Deciding to Apply|

In this article we aim to teach you everything you need to know about applying to medical school. At 6med, our passion is to help you achieve your goals, and we want to do everything we can to help you through the admissions process. This article is going to be a guide to all the basic information you will need to know as you apply, which we hope will make the whole process much easier for you.

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Guide To Applying To Medicine Through Clearing

2022-01-26T16:58:04+00:00Deciding to Apply|

The outcome that all aspiring medical students fear - you have applied for medicine, but you have not received an offer. As you well know, medicine is extremely competitive and, unfortunately, quite a few people will be in your shoes. But it's important to know that this doesn't mean you won't have a chance.

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