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BMAT Masterclass (Online Course)

Our BMAT online course is 8-hours long and filled to the brim with incredibly useful strategies, tactics and knowledge to score highly in Section 1, 2 and 3 of the BMAT.

Let’s get started with the BMAT exam.


In this section you’ll learn:

  • What Is The BMAT?
  • Who Uses The BMAT And How?
  • How Does The BMAT Scoring Work?
  • How To Approach The BMAT?
  • How To Prepare For The BMAT?

Through this online course, you’ll be shown how to approach each question style and go through practice questions so you get a feel for questions in the real exam.


What you’ll learn:

  • Introduction To Critical Thinking
  • General Method
  • Strategies, Techniques And Example Questions Of: Summarising Conclusions, Drawing Conclusions, Identifying Assumptions, Impact Of Adding Evidence, Detecting Reasoning Errors, Matching Arguments And Applying Principles
  • Critical Thinking Conclusions
  • Introduction To Problem Solving
  • General Method
    Strategies, Techniques And Example Questions Of: Selecting Relevant Information, Identifying Similarities, Determining And Applying Appropriate Procedures
  • Conclusions

Section 2 of the BMAT is all about your knowledge of the sciences; Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths. This is an extremely time-constrained section, and the one that students tend to struggle with most.


What you’ll learn:

  • Introduction To Scientific Knowledge
  • Biology: Hormones, Inmunology And Inherit
  • Biology Cheat Sheet
  • Chemistry: Calculation, Balancing Equations And Group Chemistry
  • Chemistry Cheat Sheet
  • Physics: Electrical Circuits And Nuclear Physics
  • Physics Cheat Sheet
  • Maths: Graphs, Statistics And Surds
  • Maths Cheat Sheet

We’ll take you through how to plan a BMAT essay effectively in the short time you have available, then tips and tricks on writing the essay succinctly.


What you’ll learn:

  • How To Approach Section 3
  • Types Of Questions
  • Planning And Writing
  • Examples Essays
  • Conclusions
Open Book

BMAT Workbook

It’s a 250+ page A4 book that takes you through the BMAT test, from A-Z. You’ll learn key strategies, work through examples and be given practice questions to practice (duh) with.

Written guides and time-saving strategies to all Critical Thinking question types and Problem-Solving questions. We’ve got a load of example questions as well for you to practice with as well. Fully worked solutions exist for every question in the workbook.

Here you’ll find a selection of notes from Physics, Biology and Chemistry. The notes will be your knowledge reference for this Section throughout your preparation. The workbook comes with a handy checklist so you can mark off what you know – along with practice questions to test your knowledge with!

Our Section 3 chapter contains information about our time management strategy for the writing task, along with some critiqued example essays. You’ll also learn about the marking criteria and how your Section 3 score is used by Admissions Tutors at universities.

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Got some questions about the BMAT Self-Study Bundle? You might just find the answer here. If not, you can always reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help!

You don’t have to worry about it, you will have access until the BMAT test period finishes. You’ll have ample time to review the videos and boost your BMAT score.

If you like to study on your own, we highly recommend  the BMAT Workbook – this resource contains a ton of useful tips, tricks, and strategies that you can apply to your application process.


If you like studying with someone to explain the hardest topics to you, then we’d recommend checking out the BMAT Super Sensei tuition. This support gives you one to one tuition, with the best Oxbridge tutors.

Finally, if you want to practice each day, you should check out BMAT.Ninja – this platform gives you access to an insane amount of questions, you can train each day and boost your BMAT score.

They don’t, however, we’ve made sure our expert tutor (Hardeep – an awesome Cambridge medic) had great equipment so you’ll be able to hear him very clearly.

You can watch the videos on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. We recommend use the most comfortable device that you own, so pick whichever has the better size screen, resolution, and audio to enjoy this wonderful material.

Of course, you watch see the videos as many times as you want before you sit the BMAT. You’ve got more than 8 hours of knowledge to work through!

Of course – we’re professionals 😉 The videos are structured per section. Section 1 has 30+ videos, Section 2 has 20+ videos and finally, Section 3 has 5+ videos. We made sure we selected super valuable topics to cover so you won’t miss out on any vital information.

The main format for our eBooks is pdf, and you need to open the book with the latest version of acrobat reader. But we’re considering adding the kindle format in the future.

No, unfortunately this material was design to be read in electronic devices. Take advantage of the technology and don’t waste paper!

For sure! We are always working to improve our resources and we make sure that our resources are fully up-to-date for each application cycle.

It depends on every single person (and how fast you read) so we can’t really answer this. The book is 250-pages long so it’s fairly meaty!

You can buy them separately, or if you can get access to all of them through the Complete Bundle.

Our books are protected for copyright issues and thus can only be opened with Adobe Acrobat. While we don’t prevent you from writing on them, the free version of Acrobat doesn’t allow PDF editing.

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