BMAT Complete Preparation Bundle

The BMAT has gone away!

But here at 6med, we've got you covered. The BMAT has been replaced by the UK's other medicine admissions test, the UCAT. Thankfully, our UCAT Bundle are just as good (if not better)! You can book your slot on one of our course dates today to get a leg up on the competition and ensure you get a great UCAT score.

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If you don’t get your medical school place this year, you can re-apply using the BMAT Bundle for free next year!

Our full-day, interactive online course. Your tutor has sat the BMAT themselves and would have scored in the top 10% – meaning you are truly getting expert help.

BMAT Crash Course is £129 when bought individally.

The Schedule

10:00 - 17:30

Welcome to the BMAT Crash Course! We’ll go through the basics to get everyone up to speed and get a good background on the exam.

Time to get your thinking caps on and we dive into Critical Thinking. We’ll go through each question type, how to identify each question and run through a practice question for each type together.

Onto the Biology questions! We’ll do a recap of the content you’ll need to know (it may have been a little while!) and run through an example question and answer for each question type.

We’ll outline what exactly is covered in the BMAT specification, then do a refresher on the topics you may have pushed to the back of your mind since GCSE. We’ll go through practice questions for each topic here.

After an intensive morning, it’s time for a spot of lunch and recharge our batteries. You’ll need it!

Ain’t no problem we can’t solve. We’ll jump straight back into Section 1 and cover each type of Problem Solving question and our secret tips and tricks to score highly on this section. As usual, we will do some practice questions to get real-world practice.

The (sometimes) dreaded Physics section. We spend a bit more time on this section because a lot of medics don’t pick Physics at A-level. We will cover the specification topics, do a recap of the content, then run through some practice questions. For the bigger topics, like Electricity, we will do a couple of practice questions.

Phew. Another break after we fry our brains with Physics. Grab your tipple of choice (we don’t recommend anything stronger than tea).

The last of the sections which have pre-requisitive knowledge! As with the other sections, we will go through the specification for Maths and do some practice questions as a group. If we’re finding certain topics tough, we’ll do a few questions to really wrap our heads around the concepts.

The final section of the exam, and the final topic of the day. We’ll explain exactly what is being tested with the BMAT essay, how best to use the time you have and other vital Section 3 information.

Then we’ll take a look at some example questions and model answers to get a feel for how you would approach it. You’ll be asked a lot of questions along the way. It’s nearly the end of day 1, but you’ll get no respite just yet!

Here’s the time to ask any burning questions you have. You are, of course, encouraged to ask questions throughout the day, but we find some time at the end of the day is helpful to reflect and consolidate what you’ve learnt.

And that’s Day 1 complete!

Experience our unique, truly engaging course format.

Learn everything there is to know about the BMAT through three key sections: Training Temple, Practice Dojo, Exam Arena. 

BMAT.Ninja is £85 when bought individually.

Training Temple

Learn key concepts and strategies to score highly in each section of the BMAT.

Practice Dojo

In here, you’ll sharpen your skills with practice questions, all with expert worked solutions.

Exam Arena

Test your BMAT mettle in the Exam Arena with our real-world exam simulator, scoring included.

The online BMAT Masterclass is presented as a series of 55+ videos with over 8 hours of content.

The BMAT Masterclass is £79 when purchased with the BMAT Self Study Bundle.

The BMAT Workbook contains strategies, tips and guides on improving your BMAT score quickly. You’ll also find lots of practice BMAT questions!

The BMAT Workbook is £79 when purchased with the BMAT Self Study Bundle.

6med BMAT Workbook Contents


BMAT Textbook

This BMAT textbook explains the entire specification of the BMAT exam in simple terms.

The BMAT Specification Explained textbook is £20 when bought individually.

BMAT Specification Explained

For a lot of students, the BMAT Section 3 essay is really tricky, and it can take a lot of practice. Our essay marking support means a tutor will give you a Section 3 grade and detailed suggestions on how to improve. 

BMAT Essay Edits from £99 when bought individually.

Key Dates

Book today and watch your BMAT score skyrocket.

All of our resources and courses are created and led by tutors who have recently gone through the process and passed with flying colours. We’ve helped thousands of students with their BMAT exam. Will yours be next?


Got some questions about the BMAT Bundle? You might just find the answer here. If not, you can always reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help!

The only thing the BMAT Bundle doesn’t include is Super Sensei one-to-one tuition which can only be purchased separately. This bundle was carefully planned to provide the best support to boost your BMAT score, so there’s no need to change the components you have access to.

The BMAT Bundle is mainly self-led, as you get all of the resources you need for effective, independent preparation. We recommend starting your preparation journey with the Masterclass so you can learn on your own, then prepare your questions for your Crash Course tutors! You could then consolidate and practice your learning with BMAT.Ninja and essay edits. 

You’ll have access to everything included in the BMAT Bundle until March of the year after your purchase.

If you don’t get your medical school place this year, you can use the BMAT Bundle again the next year for free! All you need to do is attend the Crash Course, watch the Masterclass, submit your essay edits and practice on BMAT.Ninja.

It depends on each person, but our general recommendation is to start as soon as you can. The more time you dedicate to preparation, the easier it will become for you to answer practice questions and take mock papers.

You can submit your BMAT essays for marking as soon as you purchase the BMAT Bundle. However, we would recommend taking some time to go through the resources first in order to learn more about the best BMAT essay writing techniques. 

As soon as you checkout, you’ll have instant access to all of the resources included in the bundle, excluding the BMAT Crash Course which is held on set dates throughout the year. We recommend purchasing as early as possible to get the most of everything the bundle offers!