“A friendly, but super smart, tutor will take you through the BMAT in one intensive day. The idea is that you walk away feeling way more confident about the test. Apparently, we do a pretty good job of it!”

In A Nutshell

In A Nutshell

We know you’re busy. So here’s the essential information about the 6med BMAT Crash Course.

Course Overview

Course Overview

7 hours. Is it enough to prepare you for the BMAT? Of course not. But it’s a great foundation.

7 hours. Is it enough to prepare you for the BMAT? Of course not. But it’s a great foundation.

Section 1

Thinking Skills

Although this section is notoriously difficult to prepare for, we’ll be taking you through some of the more difficult questions in each category, and teaching you the best methods for dealing with them. Sure, some of them will involve pure number crunching, but there’s usually a shortcut to the right answer, and the “trick” to doing well in this section (and indeed, the whole paper) is to find that shortcut in the time given. That’s what we’re aiming to teach you.

Section 2

Scientific Knowledge

This section is all about using your knowledge of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths to beat the clock that only gives you a minute per question. On the course, we’ll be teaching you all the Physics you need to know for the BMAT (as most don’t do it at AS), and also going through some of the more difficult Biology and Chemistry questions that always come up. You’ll also get our excellent handbook which contains comprehensive notes on all the topics for you to revise from.

Section 3

Essay Section

In the final hour of the course, we’ll be going through some past essay questions, and talking you through how to plan and structure your essays, how to write the perfect introduction and conclusion, and most importantly, how to ensure you meet any cut-off points that universities impose. This is arguably the easiest and least important section of the BMAT, so it’s a nice way to end an otherwise intense and exhausting day.


Begin the day with an introduction & Section 1 Critical Thinking.


We’ll then move onto the Problem Solving bit of Section 1.


We’ll take a breather and stop for a spot of lunch.


Time to start Section 2 Chemistry, Biology & Maths.


We’ll work through Section 2 Physics questions and tactics. 


We’ll usually stop and take another quick break here.


We’ll go through Section 3 – the essay section.


Summarise the key learning points with Q&A.

Dates & Venues

Dates & Venues

We run our 2022 BMAT Crash Courses almost every weekend from July until October.

We run our 2022 BMAT Crash Courses almost every weekend from July until October. We are running our BMAT Crash Courses online in 2022. You can check and book your place on our Crash Course by clicking the button below.

Course Materials

Course Materials

The Table of Contents is often a good indicator as to the content of a book. Here’s what ours looks like.

The Table of Contents is often a good indicator as to the content of a book. Here’s what ours looks like.

Section 1: Thinking Skills

Written guides to all Critical Thinking question types, and time-saving strategies for the Problem Solving questions (and all the question types, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered). We’ve got a load of example questions as well – on the day of the course, we work through some of those in a timed, interactive fashion, and we ask students to do the rest in their own time. Fully worked solutions exist for every question in the workbook.

Section 2: Scientific Knowledge

Here you’ll find a selection of notes from Physics, Biology and Chemistry. The notes will be your knowledge reference for this Section throughout your preparation and the course itself.

Section 3: The Writing Task

Our Section 3 chapter contains information about our time management strategy for the writing task, how to approach writing the essay, along with some critiqued example essays. Of course, you’ll also find some questions to practice with!

6med BMAT Workbook Contents

Course Reviews

Hundreds and hundreds of students have attended our courses and loved them. In this page, you can find their unedited reviews of our courses.


Got some questions about the BMAT Crash Course? You might just find the answer here. If not, you can always reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help!

Glad you asked! We certainly think it is, though our opinion is probably slightly biased. 

If you want a more impartial opinion, we can tell you that we give a feedback form to students at the end of each course, and our years of teaching BMAT, every single student has answered ‘Yes’ to the question ‘Would you be inclined to recommend the course to a friend?’ We’ve also got a tonne of reviews that you can read on our reviews page. 

By all means, if money’s no object then do please attend whatever courses you feel will help you. However, if you’re looking for the best value-for-money option, then there’s really nothing that beats us. We’ll give you a whole day of teaching, provide everything you need to prepare for the test, and in the end, hopefully help you get into a great university. No other company provides all that for the price that we’re offering. 

Your course instructor will be a super knowledgeable medic who has sat the exam and scored in the top 10%. They will have first-hand experience of the test, and have taught many students to follow in their impressive footsteps!

We take great care to make sure our tutors are the best of the bunch. We’ve got an average tutor rating of 4.93/5 (with over 4,000 reviews!) so we think we do a pretty good job of this.

The course is held live on Zoom. You’ll be sent over a link and a companion guide so you can follow along with ease.

Even a jam-packed full-day course like ours won’t teach you everything you need to know for the BMAT. What it will do is provide a solid foundation and a springboard for the rest of your revision.

Getting a high BMAT score isn’t something you can rely on a silver bullet for, but we hope our Crash Course is as close to a silver bullet as possible!

You will be given a 250-ish page course e-book, containing all you need to get on with your preparation. It’s also packed with practice questions and detailed solutions. During the course itself, we will be referring constantly to this book and interactively going through it as a class. This book should become your best friend every day until test-day (after which you can burn it!). 

You’ll also get the course companion guide which will take you through the course on the day.

It’s true, we’re not examiners or anything (if those even exist). We’re just a group of medical students who have successfully been through the process. As such, you won’t get any insider knowledge from us (nor will you from anyone else), but what you will get, is arguably the most important perspective – the student’s perspective. Because we know what kinds of things you’ve covered in school, we’re able to tailor our teaching to suit you, in a way that no one else really can.

Along with this, we’ve worked very hard to bring you the best strategies and techniques that have worked for us and we know will work for our students. 

It goes without saying that we constantly test and improve upon strategies year on year, and cover any new changes to the exams. We know how hard the tests are, having taken them ourselves very recently, so we can share with you the tips and tricks we learnt which we found helpful. And at the end of the day, it just really helps to be taught by people you can easily relate to – it makes things far more enjoyable. 

Book today and watch your BMAT score skyrocket.

All of our resources and courses are created and led by tutors who have recently gone through the process and passed with flying colours. We’ve helped thousands of students with their BMAT exam. Will yours be next?