Personal Statement Reviews – now open for 2018!

We offer a personal statement review service, open to everyone.

How it Works

We get (literally) hundreds of emails each year, asking us to look at people’s personal statements. In the past, we’ve done this for free, out of the kindness of our hearts, but last year, it got to the point where we were having to skip university lectures to get through them all, and this wasn’t sustainable in the long run.

This year, we’re still very happy to look at personal statements, but sadly we do have to charge for the service. The good news is that it’s fairly cheap – for £20, you can send us your PS, and one of our instructors (ie: a current medical student from Oxford/Cambridge/Imperial/UCL/Kings/Barts) will look through it within 5 days and give you lots of constructive criticism. Students who are on our bursary programme can get the same thing for £5.

Send us your Personal Statement