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It can be a pain looking around to find the right support for you, so we’ve made this page an easy way for you to compare all of our awesome courses, books, online courses (and their prices) in one place. We also offer a super generous Bursary scheme if you aren’t able to purchase our support!


Go ahead and explore all the options 6med can offer you on the table below. 

Looking for all-in-one medicine application preparation? We will guarantee your place at medical school with the Complete Bundle - for £649.

🏆  We guarantee you’ll get your med school place. If you don’t, we’ll give you a full refund. 🏆

If you’re after more focused support in certain areas, then the our individual support may be a better fit. You can click the checkboxes to find out more about each type of support. Check it out below.

Personal Statement Support

Take your pick from our PS support options below:

From £1...

For students who prefer to work through Personal Statement resources themselves. You will get an online course and workbook.

From £5...

For students wanting a place on a course as well as resources. You'll leave with a strong first draft!

UCAT Support

Take your pick from our UCAT support options below:


Built for self-starter students who want minimal UCAT support and want to learn on their terms.

UCAT Course


For students who want an expert crash course to get them started with their UCAT preparation.

UCAT Bundle


Perfect for students who want comprehensive support to score highly in their UCAT exam.

BMAT Support

Take your pick from our BMAT support options below.

BMAT Self-Study


For students who are self-starters and want to go the BMAT preparation path with minimal support.

BMAT Course


For students who to join an interactive 2-day Crash Course to boost their BMAT score in a short amount of time.

BMAT Bundle


For students who want the ultimate BMAT preparation support. Contains all of our BMAT resources!

Interview Support

Take your pick from our interview support options below.

Interview Self-Study


For students who are self-starters and want to go the interview preparation path with minimal support.

Interview Courses


For students who want to be practice interview strategy on a course. Pick from MMI, Oxbridge or Panel style!

Interview Bundle


For students wanting the ultimate medical school interview prep, all in one super-effective bundle.

super sensei whiteV3

6med Super Sensei tuition is the cheapest cost way of getting super-effective one-to-one tuition for your Medicine application, without losing out on any of the quality.

Check out our Personal Statement, UCAT, and Interview tuition, available from just £28 per hour.

Personal Statement Tuition

UCAT Tuition

Interview Tuition


Hundreds and hundreds of students have attended our courses and loved them. In this page, you can find their unedited reviews of our courses.


We’re a friendly company run entirely by medical students. We run one-day courses for the UCAT and medicine Interviews. You can also pay what you want for our Personal Statement support.

We’ve also got online courses and a question bank for the UCAT, and if that’s not enough, we’ve got a tonne of free resources in our Application Guide too!

If you’re an offer-holder, we’ve got you covered with our pre-medical school course to get you ahead of the pack!

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