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Medicine Personal Statement Tutor

The most effective one-to-one Personal Statement tutoring, delivered by awesome tutors who know how to make your Personal Statement attractive to admissions tutors – earning their prestigious Sensei title.


Use your hours on Personal Statement live redrafts, expert feedback, reducing word count, creating a strong opener, improving content and more.


All of this from just £31 per hour.


Get a Personal Statement tutor for Medicine, Vet Med or Dentistry.

Our Super Sensei tutors are available for all medicine and related courses. Your tuition will always be with an awesome tutor who knows the course, and more importantly, what the university is looking for!

Expert tutors who have assessed tons of Personal Statements and know what to write.

You’ll be assigned an expert medical tutor within two working days of booking. All of our tutors are highly experienced medics and know exactly what admissions tutors and universities are looking for in their applicants’ Personal Statement.

What Makes A Super Sensei Tutor

Meet A Selection Of Our Expert Personal Statement Tutors

How does Personal Statement tuition work?

We created Super Sensei to be the best bang-for-buck way to get tutoring for your Personal Statement. We do this by quickly identifying problem areas and getting to work on them straight away, instead of wasting time on areas you already perform well on.


Booking and getting started is easy – we just go through the 5 quick steps below.


Choose and purchase your ideal Super Sensei package.


Fill in the pre-tuition form we send you.


You’ll be matched with your Sensei within 2 working days.


Arrange your first tuition session with your tutor.


Watch your Personal Statement rapidly improve!

If you need more hours, simply return to this page and grab another package. If you loved the support you already got, we’ve got more comprehensive packages available here.

Each tutoring session will be specific to your personal needs.

Every student has their own strengths and weaknesses. Tons of students struggle with getting all of the content into the stringent 4,000 character limit. Many also battle with using the best language for the job, or talking about work experience in the right way.


That’s why all of our Super Sensei tuition is tailored to your specific requirements – we’ll help you where you actually need the support to make efficient use of the time left until the UCAS Statement deadline. If there’s ever any part of your statement you’re especially worried about, your tutor will work on that section with you.

What are my options for Personal Statement tutoring?

We created Super Sensei to be the most cost-effective way to get tuition for your UCAS Personal Statement. We do this by focusing only on the areas you need support with – not the areas you already perform well in!

5 Hours

Super Sensei Tuition
£ 38
/per hour.
  • Low commitment.
  • Same, expert medicine tutors.
  • Lowest value per hour.
  • Limited preparation.
  • No extra hours added free.

10 Hours

Super Sensei Tuition
£ 33
/per hour.
  • In-depth preparation.
  • Same, expert medicine tutors.
  • Great value per hour.
  • Larger commitment.

20 Hours

Super Sensei Tuition
£ 31
/per hour.
  • Highly in-depth preparation.
  • Same, expert medicine tutors.
  • Best value per hour.
  • Biggest commitment.
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PS Tutoring Satisfaction Guarantee
We're confident in our incredible Personal Statement Super Sensei tutors. So confident that, if you're unhappy, we will change your tutors until you're completely satisfied or we'll refund you if you are within your cooling off period (before your third session or within 14 days). No questions asked - that's our promise to you.

See our Help Centre for more information.

Got a question that you want to be answered right away? Give us a call on 0333 050 7764.

How does Super Sensei Personal Statement tuition
compare to other options?

We know that you want to get the most for your money. As it happens, so do we!

Here’s our tutoring service compared to a few of the other options you may have come across.
We’re confident you won’t find a better deal (or service) anywhere else.

See what our past students have had
to say about their experience with Super Sensei:

Got some questions you’d like answered?

Of course, you can, the hours are totally flexible and you can use them on the UCAT or Interview as you see fit.

Well, you don’t have to, but it’s definitely not a bad idea! It just depends on your situation. If you’re totally stuck, then our tutors will help you get past the “blank page syndrome”. If you want help finessing, then bring your draft along!
So we wouldn’t really recommend using your hours to actually write. The best way to use your hours is to work with your tutor through problem areas and verbalising what exactly you’re going to cover, and how to express it in a way that appeals to admissions tutors.

You hours will be available to you until you’ve used all of them.

We use zoom as our platform to deliver this tuition. This gives you the flexibility of when you can get sessions and helps us allocate the best tutor, not just the closest tutor.

Yes, they’ve all been through the process before and emerged at the top of their cohort. They’re really well placed to help you.

Head over to our Help Centre which has just about every answer to the questions you might have. Or if you prefer, you can give us a call on 0333 050 7764.

Lost with your application?

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