Digital Interview Masterclass

Prepare for your all-important medicine university interview online through 40+ videos and 6+ hours of awesome content.


If you can’t make an in-person course, or simply prefer learning online, this is the answer.

Priced at £49, for Black Friday, the Digital Interview Masterclass is the most effective online medicine interview prep on the market. Created by a team of awesome Oxbridge medical students, we’ve recently been through the system and will teach you everything you need to know (and more) to get the best score possible.

Digital Interview Masterclass In A Nutshell

We know you’re busy. So here’s the essential information about the 6med Digital Interview Masterclass.

  1. As soon as you checkout, you’ll get instant access to 40+ high-quality videos on all areas of the interview.
  2. The Masterclass is over 6 hours long and gives you all the key information you need to success, without any of the extra fluff.
  3. In the Masterclass, go through interview fundamentals, key skills such as communication and body language, vital knowledge such as medical ethics and cover many common interview questions.
  4. The Masterclass is designed and delivered by Oxbridge medical students.
  1. The course is delivered through our beautiful online course platform. Say goodbye to technical hitches and trying to find where you left off and simply focus on the stuff that matters.
  2. We’ve priced the course at £49 for Black Friday. We also offer super generous bursaries if you can’t stretch to this figure.

We’ve been running our in-person courses for the last 6 years, and have taught over 10,000 students. Check out our Reviews page to see what some of them had to say. We also run courses for the UCAT and Interviews, if either of those tickle your fancy.

Digital Interview Masterclass Overview

6+ hours of video spread out into 40+ manageable chunks. The Interview Masterclass is designed to help you nail your interview.

Here’s how the course is structured:


This section is a short video introducing you to your expert tutor Hardeep, a 5th year Cambridge medic, and the Masterclass as a whole.

Interview Fundamentals

We go through the fundamentals and introduce you to some vital strategies which will help you succeed in your medical interview.

Communication Skills

You can have all the information in the world in  your head, but effective communication is how you get it across!

Medical Ethics

The first major topic we cover is medical ethics; we’ll give you in-depth information and tips when it comes to all things ethics.

Dedication To Medicine

Why do you want to study Medicine? It shouldn’t be a hard question, but it is! We show you how to prove your understanding and dedication to the profession. 

Current Affairs

Keeping up to date with current healthcare affairs and NHS news is important for your learning and showing your interest. We teach you how to do it right. 

Common Interview Questions & Answers

There are some questions you are almost guaranteed to be asked; preparing yourself for these can mean the difference between an offer and rejection.

MMI Interviews Explained

MMI interviews are used by the vast majority of medical schools in the UK – this section covers how to do well specifically in MMIs.

Oxbridge/Panel Interviews Explained

Most students will also have a panel interview; the preferred format of Oxbridge. We’ll cover in-depth how to panel interview like a pro.

The Digital Interview Masterclass is available to start anywhere, anytime. If you’d like to know more about the course or about us, feel free to browse around this website, and please do contact us if you have any questions. Hope to see you soon!

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