Personal Statement Support: 6med vs Medify vs Medic Mind vs Medic Portal

Your Personal Statement is a chance to make a first impression on the medical schools you’re applying to, so you need to make sure you get it right. While the statement should be fully yours, there are still ways to get support throughout the writing process. From teaching writing techniques to providing feedback for your drafts, we have compiled some of the best support options available and compared them to help you figure out what will work for your needs.

Start here to review all of the options compared through an honest and objective lens.

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When it comes to the different options available, there isn’t a definitive “best” option to pick, although some options will be more comprehensive or have higher ratings than others. Basically, it comes down to what support you think you need and what you expect to receive from that support. 

At 6med, we believe we provide support options for every medical school applicant, but we also get that we aren’t the only game in town. Different products suit different needs, so we’ve made this page to help you out with your research. We break down the support options provided by some of the most popular providers in the UK and compare everything about them in order to help you make your decision. This research is a huge undertaking but we’re willing to bet this page will help you out – you can thank us later!

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Who Are The Best Personal Statement Support Providers?

Although there are a large variety of support providers available for your Personal Statement, we feel that these four are some of the best available (in a completely random order of course!): 



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Medic Mind

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The Medic Portal

As well as this, there are providers such as Kaplan who specialise in tuition and UniAdmissions, an Oxbridge Preparatory School that offers a wide variety of programmes including Oxbridge and Non-Oxbridge Medicine. However, as there’s already a tonne to cover, we will focus on these four Personal Statement support providers. Let’s start by taking a look at each brand to see what makes them unique:

(Review data correct as of March 2023)



6med was created by expert medical student Ali Abdaal and aims to provide amazing and comprehensive support for every aspect of the medicine application. This is achieved through specially crafted materials, medical student-run Crash Courses and 1-1 tuition, starting from as low as £1!

6med’s Top Selling Points

– Guaranteed offer with the Complete Bundle

– Founded by medicine expert Ali Abdaal

– Medic Mentor Partner for 2022 

– Cheapest option for 1-1 tuition

– Full-Day Live Crash Courses

– Retake for free guarantee with every bundle 

– Brand New 6med Nucleus

– Pay What You Want for your support

6med’s Stats

– 1/2 Medicine Applicants used 6med in 2022

– 4.9/5.0 Average Course Rating

– 10,000+ students supported since 2013

– £100,000 given away through Bursaries 

6med’s Reviews

Trustpilot – 4.6 (267 Reviews)

Google Reviews – 4.6 (97 Reviews)

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Although best known for its UCAT support, Medify has branched out and now provides support for each of the major parts of your application, including their specially made Personal Statement.

Medify's Top Selling Points

– In-depth Tutorials

– 100+ Personal Statement Examples

– 20 tasks to help you practice. 

Medify's Reviews

Trustpilot – 3.3 (2 Reviews)

Google Reviews – NA

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Medic Mind

Medic Mind is claimed to be the “UK’s Leading Provider of Medical School Applications”. The Medic Mind brand has actually grown to encompass many other areas of the university application process, including Law Mind and Oxbridge Mind. They also provide support and materials for A-Level students, so they really are a “one-stop shop” for application support. 

Medic Mind’s Top Selling Points

– Award Winning Tutorials

– 300+ Expert, Handpicked Tutors

– 98.9% Satisfaction Rate

Medify's Reviews

Trustpilot – 4.8 (1,425 Reviews)

Google Reviews – 4.8 (388 Reviews)

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The Medic Portal

Aspiring medics can access a diverse range of courses and resources offered by The Medic Portal, which cover every facet of the application process, including your Personal Statement. They provide a blend of digital resources and personalised support through online or in-person channels, catering to the individual needs of each student.

The Medic Portal's Top Selling Points

– Doctor-led, full-time courses

– Award-Winning Support

– Extensive free guides via their blog

The Medic Portal's Stats

– 40,000 Students Taught

– 500+ School Partners

– 5 Million Website Users

The Medic Portal Reviews

TrustPilot – 2.8 (4 Reviews)

Google Reviews – 4.1 (9 Reviews)

So those are the support providers, but what support do they actually offer? Let’s find out!

6med vs Medify: Personal Statement Online Courses

6med PS
Self-Study Bundle

Medify Personal Statement Support

Personal Statement Live Courses

6med PS Crash Course Bundle

6med vs Medic Mind: Personal Statement Tuition

6med Super Sensei
PS Tuition

Medic Portal PS Tuition

6med vs Medic Portal: Personal Statement Redrafting

6med Personal Statement

Medic Mind Personal
Statement Redrafting

Personal Statement Support Comparison Table



Medic Mind

The Medic Portal


Online Course

Live Course


Personal Statement Review

Lowest Price





Highest Price





And that’s everything! As we said, there are other providers available, but these are the primary methods of support that you are going to find on the market to help you with your Personal Statement. Now that you have a better understanding of what’s available, you can begin to plan how you want to approach your statement. 

Remember though – the Personal Statement is just one out of four major parts of the medicine application. Thankfully, we have comparison pages for each of these to help you find the best support for each and every obstacle you face during the admissions process. Check them out below: 

If you’re eager for more knowledge about the Personal Statement writing process, check out our free collection of guides on our site. And if you want to learn more about all the different ways we can support you, just keep exploring the site and find an option that looks good to you!

Thank you for stopping by and good luck with your application!

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