“What are your five UCAS choices?” As October approaches, this question becomes the most common topic among Year 13 students. For those considering Medicine as a degree, they would then explain to their friends that they don’t have a fifth choice because they are only allowed to pick four Medical Schools. Yet, do they really have no choice?

When I applied to Medical School, a lot of my friends kept the fifth choice blank because they were certain that Medicine was what they were after. Whilst this choice is backed by a good intention (persevering with things you want the most and not simply giving up because it is difficult), I would strongly recommend making a fifth UCAS choice.

Why do I need 5 UCAS Choices?

Let me detail the reasons below:

What should my 5th UCAS choice be?

Tempted by the fifth UCAS choice now? If so, let me give you a list of the possible medical-related courses that are most popular among students:

Note 1: I don’t particularly suggest applying to Dentistry or Pharmacy, as they are also extremely competitive. So it will be harder to get an offer for these courses.

Note 2: The names of the courses will be slightly different depending on the university, but they generally teach similar concepts/topics. However, it is important to check the structure of the course on the university’s website before you apply.

If you still don’t see the benefits of the fifth UCAS choice and would prefer taking a gap year if unfortunately you didn’t get a Medicine offer, that will also be brilliant. Whatever the path you take, it is important to remember that not getting a Medicine offer is not the end of the world. Never give up! If you would like expert support with your Personal Statement, UCAT, BMAT and Interviews, click the button below to hear how we can help you get your dream Medicine offer. 

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I'm a medical student at Cambridge University, and one of the co-founders of 6med. I created the BMAT Crash Course and Interview Crash Course, and helped code BMAT Ninja and UKCAT Ninja. If you need a hand with anything, feel free to give me a shout!