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6med offers award winning support built with love. We believe in leveling the playing field. You can pay what you want for our PS support. In 2022, 2 in 3 medical students used 6med's support.

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award winning support, 1 in 2 students used 6med
Hi there. Welcome to 6med.

I’m Ali. My friends and I started this company a few years ago. We’re a team of medical students who offer support for the UCAT, BMAT, Interviews and Personal Statement for medicine. We believe in leveling the playing field – you can literally pay what you want for our Personal Statement support.

We also offer awesome one-to-one tuition!

We run Crash Courses for the Personal Statement, UCAT, BMAT and Interview, (plus an online course covering the first-year medical syllabus!) and free guides for medicine applicants.

Let us help you get your place at medical school!

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Personal Statement Support

Pay what you want for our Personal Statement support bundles!

UCAT Support

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BMAT Support

Boost your BMAT score rapidly through a course, questions bank and more.

Interview Support

Get valuable interview practice and experience to interview like a pro.

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Why 6med?

Rather than tell you ourselves (and let’s face it, it means much less coming from us!) we’ve asked some of our happy students about why they decided to trust us with their application.

TikTok For Soon-To-Be Medics

Want to get a stream of quality medicine application tips direct to your phone? Or want to be a connoisseur of shallow, yet surprisingly enjoyable, memes about medical school life? We don’t judge. And we’ve got you covered either way.

What are the 6med Surgeries?

6med Surgeries are live webinars hosted by Medical Experts on topics helping you get your medical school place! It’s a fantastic opportunity for you to get any and all questions about your application answered by our expert Medicine Tutors too! 

What is your next Surgery on and when is it?


Surgery has started, join now! Or see the full schedule here.


Surgery has started, join now! Or see the full schedule here.


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3rd December, 2PM GMT.

Learn how to approach panel interviews with confidence and how to answer the interviewers. Join us and discover common techniques to have a successful Panel Interview


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The Nucleus brings your entire medical application into one simple online location, what this means is all of our resources, courses, services, webinars and question banks are easily accessed from just one platform!
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6med Online UCAT & BMAT Preparation Apps

We’ve created and honed online prep platforms for the UCAT and BMAT. We’ve packed them with all the content from our courses, combined with tips and strategies from high-scorers in each exam.

Our UCAT Ninja™ platform will help you unlock your UCAT potential with 80+ comprehensive tutorials in the Training Temple, 20,000 super high quality practice questions, all with in-depth worked solutions in the Practice Dojo. Get full access for as little as £1!

Here's Why Students Love 6med

Click on the application component below to see what your fellow students have to say about 6med. 

Complete Bundle Reviews

“Excellent value and professionalism! I have purchased the Complete Bundle, which includes crash courses for the BMAT, UCAT and interview. Additionally, they offer very comprehensive books on each of these and further assistance through their Whatsapp group. This is the perfect preparation for those who want quality content for an accessible price.

arthur student

“Absolutely wonderful! I purchased the complete bundle and the workshops, marked essays and guides were amazing. The response to any questions and queries was extremely prompt and the workshop leaders were so knowledgable and kind. Thank you for helping me get my medical school offer!”

madeleine student

“For those who are questioning whether 6med courses are good. They’re not, they are more than good, they are AMAZING! 6MED are great and I’ve recommended them to all my friends. The price is worth it.”
reema student

Personal Statement Support Reviews

“This course helped me a lot to build confidence to deliver a strong Personal Statement. The tutor was super good and guided me through the best tips and techniques that helped me ace my Statement.”
“I wrote my personal statement better than all previous times, I had clearer ideas and thoughts about what I wanted to raise, thanks to 6med.”
Landro Student
“Very well led, everything about the Personal Statement was comprehensively reviewed- and nothing was left out. We went through a lot of examples as well, which helped to review some good aspects as well as other aspects which could have been left out or altered in a different way etc. Overall very good and tutors were very helpful throughout.”
simon student

UCAT Support Reviews

“I would just like to say a huge huge thank you for helping me obtain all 4 medicine offers! I attended your UCAT and Interview courses (which would not have been possible without your generous bursaries!), along with having my personal statement checked. All 3 100% enabled me to obtain interviews and then offers 🙂 Everyone who I met was super friendly and up for banter aha which made the whole process a little less daunting!”

hanna student

“It was absolutely fantastic! The UCAT support was informative and funny. The tutors were friendly and had a good sense of humour. The mock interviews in front of everyone was an eye-opening experience and was valuable. Thank you guys for all your help in my UCAT.”

Zhuliye student

I was at one of your UCAT courses last year, now, I’m lucky enough to have an offer from King’s College London and Liverpool. I seriously think that getting these offers was down to a very high UCAT score – SO THANK YOU! If you have any tips for surviving in London (esp around London Bridge) then please let me know! I’ve also signed up for your partner scheme so look forward to working with you on that – the early signs are good! Thank you so much guys!

max student

BMAT Support Reviews

“Just wanted to let you know your fantastic BMAT support and generous bursary scheme enabled me to get 6.6,6.2,3.5A and for that I just have to thank you sincerely. You have helped me and a number of my friends in our paths to pursue medicine.”

Mharab Student

“I was greatly assisted by 6med. Although at first seeming at a fairly high price – I bought the BMAT Bundle – it totally assisted me in the areas that I still needed to work on. It is very trustworthy. If your budget is not big enough to buy the BMAT bundle, I would suggest applying for a loan or other arrangements at 6med, or buying the BMAT ninja features – which were super helpful – at least.”

Louisa student

“This course is great and thanks to 6med I got 5.6,5.7 and 4A in the BMAT and have secured an imperial interview 🙂”

martin student

Interview Support Reviews

“6med is an amazing programme for all parts of the med school application, whether that be for BMAT, UCAT or interviews. I had always heard about it from friends and family and seen Youtube videos of the company, but really joining one of their courses showed me how useful and kind the interviews and the interviewers were. Having already had 4 medical interviews, I really believe that 6med’s programme helps immensely and I would definitely recommend it. All the best!”

gemma student

“Found it really useful – especially the mock Oxford interview. It helped me to think more laterally about my answers and reflect on my personal experiences. Putting us on the spot gave me chances to think on my feet and simulate interview conditions and pressure. Thank you!”

stephanie student

“The interview course really helped to analyse different parts that could come up that I’d never thought about and actually get into the mindset of being prepared for an interview – not by practising lines but generally have responses for certain subjects.”

aiden student

Reviews From Schools

“Thank you and your team again for your time and efforts, I thought the day was very well organised and professional. The students enjoyed the circuit greatly and appreciated both the style of the stations and the feedback, and found it all very useful. I am hopeful that we can do something similar again for the next cohort of applicants and that this training will result in many successful applicants this year.”

mr choy teacher

“6med kindly accepted to come to our college at short notice to provide a comprehensive MMI mock circuit for 55 of our aspiring Medicine and Dentistry students! They were very accommodating and gave expert advice to all students, including the Dentists! This practice was fundamental in the development of our students’ preparation for university interviews, and we accredit a lot of our students’ success to 6med’s innovative approach and teaching style.”

mrs beadle teacher

If you’re interested in learning more about our school-based courses, please visit the Schools page.

Our ‘Applying to Medicine’ Video Series

Ali, one of our co-founders, has put together a large number of YouTube videos with super high-quality content relating to the Medicine application. We’ve linked some of the videos below – if you like the style of the videos, you’ll love our UCATBMATInterview and MMI courses too! Already got your place and want to get prepared for your first year? We’ve got that covered too – check it out. ❤️

Lost with your application?

A friendly medic is just a phone call away! Get some helpful advice and get on track with your application.