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6med is built with  by medical students for medical students.

We’ve taught courses for over 5,000 happy students in the last 4 years.

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Two incredible Crash Courses, one for panel, one for MMI, and our Interview bible (work book).

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The 6med Complete Bundle gives you access to EVERYTHING we have to offer for a medical school applicant (which is a lot!). Interested?

Hi there. Welcome to 6med.

“I attended your UCAT, BMAT and Interview Crash Courses, and they were the best preparation possible for the application process! They were literally the best thing ever and you guys are just so amazing, I love you.”

– Thomas (Offer from University College, Oxford)

“Your courses were insanely good. Miles better than Kaplan, and a fraction of the price :)”

– Eman (Offer from Corpus Christi, Cambridge)

6med One-Day Crash Courses

Our Personal Statement, UCATBMAT and Interview Crash Courses have been running for the past 4 years. We started them as a reasonably-priced alternative to overpriced courses run by giant corporations, and they ended up getting far bigger than we could have imagined!

Dates: July, August & September 2020

You’ll leave with a strong first draft of your statement complete

The best & worst things to write, as well as overall strategy

A4 workbook with example Personal Statements, tips and more

Dates: July – October 2020

Strategy and Techniques for all 3 BMAT sections (even Physics!)

Highly interactive, with timed practice questions throughout the day

300-page A4 workbook with more tips & practice questions

Dates: June – September 2020

Strategy and Techniques for all 5 UCAT sections with effective tips for all of them

Highly interactive, with timed practice questions throughout the day

300-page A4 workbook with more tips & practice questions

Dates: October – December 2020

A full day course focused on improving interview technique & answering common questions

Group mock interviews with feedback

200-page A4 workbook packed with interview content and tips

Dates: November – December 2020

A half-day course focused entirely on giving you valuable practice in an interview environment

Detailed feedback to understand your strengths and weaknesses

200-page A4 workbook with tips & tricks

6med Online Courses

Over the past two years, we’ve created online prep platforms for the UCAT and BMAT. We’ve packed them with all the content from our courses, combined with tips and strategies from high-scorers in each exam. Each also comes with over 1,000 questions with full explanations written by Oxbridge medical students.

Reviews from Schools

We’ve had the pleasure of holding our courses at a number of schools over the years. Here’s a small selection of comments from headteachers. If you’re interested in learning more about our school-based courses, please visit the Schools page.

“Thank you and your team again for your time and efforts, I thought the day was very well organised and professional. The students enjoyed the circuit greatly and appreciated both the style of the stations and the feedback, and found it all very useful. I am hopeful that we can do something similar again for the next cohort of applicants and that this training will result in many successful applicants this year.” – Mr Choy, Bancrofts High School.

“The course was extremely well run and the organisers most professional. The intensive course has prepared our students well for their BMAT exam and they were given a set of comprehensive paperwork at the end of the day.” – Dr Orchard, Talbot Heath School.

Reviews from Students

We’ve had extremely positive reviews from the thousands of students we’ve taught over the years. Please check out our Wall of ♥ to see hundreds of comments from them. If you’re more mathematically-minded, we’ve got some feedback stats below.

Average Course Rating

4.87 / 5
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

4,281 reviews

Average Tutor Rating

4.93 / 5
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

4,281 reviews

“Would you recommend us?”

100% YES

4,281 reviews

Our ‘Applying to Medicine’ Video Series

Ali, one of our co-founders, has put together a large number of YouTube videos with super high-quality content relating to the Medicine application. We’ve linked some of the videos below – if you like the style of the videos, you’ll love our UCATBMATInterview and MMI courses too!

Our Team

6med was started by 6 friends from a school in Essex who ended up at 6 different medical schools (hence the name). As we’ve expanded over the years, our team has grown to a larger (but still close-knit) network of hugely talented medical students from universities across the UK. We all go through an extensive training regimen before teaching courses, and we’re always happy to help students out too in the help centre and email.

Our Aims