In light of all the recent craziness in the world with regards to COVID-19, I just wanted to make a quick video to let you know where 6med is on the whole situation.

1. We’ve always aimed to run the best preparation courses in the world. Currently, there’s a lot of uncertainty around whether we’ll actually be able to run our physical courses with all of the isolation and social distancing going on. Any courses that we aren’t able to run physically, we are going to stream live.

You’ll get the exact same content, the same tutor and you’ll go away with the exact same knowledge as if you’d attended the course physically.

2. With schools and exam indefinitely called off, we think admissions tests will be even more important than usual. We’d really recommend you use the time available to you to make sure you do your best on these test!

3. Finally, please follow all the advice out there for you and stay safe!

On behalf of all the 6med team, thank you for understanding.

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About the Author:

On my way to Cambridge University medical school, I experienced the hurdles of A levels, the UCAT and BMAT, personal statement, MMIs and panel interviews. The journey taught me so much and I now hope to share the knowledge I used to get all my offers!