Remove the complications of your med school application, with one simple platform.

Applying to medical school is a difficult and stressful process. The Nucleus brings your entire medical application into one simple online location. Eliminate stress and be guided through your complete application!

Open the nuclear envelope and see what’s inside. 

6med Nucleus home page on a laptop screen.

Stay on top of your application.

With your exams, work experience and school deadlines (not to mention having a social life!), staying on top of the medical admissions requirements can feel very stressful. There’s just so much to do! Inside a nucleus, you find the nuclear matrix. It’s great at organisation, and so are we.

Utilise the med school specific to do lists, key dates calendar, progress bars and reminders. We help you prioritise what to work on and when. Never let self-doubt and stress get in the way of your med school dream.


Although we can’t regulate important events like nuclear lamina, we keep you up to date with key dates so you always stay on top of your application.

to do tasks

Increase your chances of getting into medical school, without the hassle.

Medical applications are getting more competitive. Ensure you make the cut by learning from the pros. Whether it’s our free resources or Masterclass videos on the Nucleus, you’ll be learning from our expert Medical Tutors.

All of our support for each part of your medical application is available to access directly through the Nucleus. No more logging into 200 different accounts to revise effectively!




Watch your UCAT score skyrocket.

Access our top tier UCAT resources and preparation course, all on the Nucleus. Our UCAT support is designed to help you get the score you require to attend your top choice medical school.

Ace your panel and MMI interviews.

Learn what Admissions Tutors are looking for in a candidate. Enter the Nucleus to immediately access key insights into MMIs and Panel Interview strategy and how to effectively prepare for them.

just Some Of What The Nucleus Does.

If you can find another platform that has all of these amazing features, we’ll personally make sure Ali, our lovely founder, posts a video eating his hat (productively, no doubt).

Free Access For Life

Access to essential free resources to teach you secret strategies and preparation advice.

Track Your Progress

Track your personal progress and get personalised suggestions on your own to-do list.

Tons Of Free Resources

The Nucleus provides a TON of free stuff, in all the key areas, to help you nail your application.

Manage Your Application

Manage your entire application preparation with ease using our beautiful system.

Plus much, much more. Want to find out for yourself?

Your Questions. Answered.

Got some questions about the Nucleus? You might just find the answer here. If not, you can always reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help!

There’s no speculation around the evolution of 6med’s Nucleus, it is here solely to reduce your complications with applying to med school and to increase your chances of gaining offers.


The platform brings your entire medical application into one simple online location. What this means is all of our resources, courses, services (such as essay marking), webinars and question banks are easily accessed from just one platform. Gone are the days of multiple accounts!


You have the option to add up the 4 medical schools you are applying to. From this, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about each of your chosen medical schools, key dates and a to-do list, specific to your schools, to help you prioritise what to work on and when.

Getting your access to Nucleus is easy and faster than you might think, you get access to Nucleus with any purchase in 6med.

You can also simply create a free Nucleus account and get access to all of the free resources on there!

It absolutely is.


You can access the Nucleus whenever you want, completely free.


It doesn’t stop there – there are free guides and videos by medical experts along with progress bars (to keep you on track), to-do lists (specific to your chosen med schools) and medicine application webinars (to help with your wider reading). Past topics include the qualities of a good doctor and a medic’s role in a humanitarian crisis.


We know that some of you may want further support, so we have options to upgrade, such as securing a place on our Crash Courses, or accessing our 1-1 tuition and BMAT essay/personal statement marking services.


But it’s entirely up to you with what level of support you go for. We will never surprise you with unexpected charges.

You may already have an account created on the Nucleus, which you’ll be notified of via email.


If not, just create your account and get started! You can email [email protected] to get any existing support you have purchased added to the Nucleus.

The Nucleus is an all-in-one platform, containing all your resources, progress, videos, and ebooks. It simply ties all of the support 6med offers together.

Nucleus will make it easier for you to see your progress and improve your organisation. You will have an easier and more practical way to visualise all the resources and products you have purchased (or are accessing for free).

It is easy and incredibly simple to use. The Nucleus was created to make your life easier throughout the medical application process.

Everything is in one place and split up into key areas of your application, including BMAT, UCAT and personal statement. When the platform was created, your fellow students played a big part in helping us make the final touches so that it is the perfect support tool for your application.

If you do find anything that does not make sense or you think could be improved to make your life easier, please do share so you can help us help you with your application.

You can access it whenever you want! You can access it from any desktop.