Free BMAT Resources

We’ve got a fair few helpful articles about BMAT preparation in our Application Guide. There’s also a lot of free stuff on BMAT Ninja.

Check out BMAT Ninja for loads more free resources and our BMAT questions bank.

Ali’s ‘BMAT Tips’ Video Series

Ali, one of our co-founders, put together a series of YouTube videos detailing tips and tactics for the BMAT while he was on his medical elective in fifth year. You might find some of them helpful.

BMAT Past Papers

These are all freely available on the official BMAT website, but we thought we’d put the links here in an easily accessible format, just to save the extra few seconds it takes to access them through the somewhat clunky user interface on the official website.

The Section 2 papers before 2009 are worth doing, but they’re less indicative of the actual BMAT than the more recent ones. It seems like the specification changed in 2009, so papers before then ask topics that may have been removed.


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Section 1

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Section 2

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Section 3

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