Pat yourself on the back – you’ve landed yourself an interview, but it’s also important to remember not to get complacent. A lot of preparation can and should be put in for these interviews, and medical schools will be looking, in short, to see whether you’ll make a good doctor someday. A lot of you probably have what it takes to become good doctors, but whether you can convince the interviewers sitting opposite you in 20 minutes or so is another matter.

The first step to getting that elusive offer is to know what interview types are out there and specifically ones that will apply to you. Alongside that, you should be familiar with any content that you might be expected to know – this could include things like the NHS, current affairs, medical ethics, and a bunch of other stuff. You should also be prepared to back up everything you’ve said in your personal statement. Not much can be worse than seeming dishonest or arrogant, so make sure you’re aware of your interview ‘manner’ and how you come across in these situations. Finally, a lot of things in life are easier when other people like you – so work on your people skills and body language: it will make a massive difference to your success. Practice, practice, practice; this should be obvious, so do it as much as possible with doctors, students and friends/family.

In a nutshell, you have a lot to do, and hopefully, you’ll find some of our articles extremely helpful!