MMI Crash Course – Reviews

Glowing feedback from the first few courses we ran in 2016 and 2017.

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Because the MMI Crash Course is a relatively new addition to the 6med network, we haven’t had the chance to rack up hundreds of positive reviews like we have for our UCAT, BMAT and Interview courses. However, here’s a list of comments from students who attended the in-school and first few courses we ran in 2016 and 2017. We think you’ll enjoy reading them.

These comments have all come from the anonymous feedback forms we give students after each course, so please excuse their brevity and lack of structured prose.

We very much enjoyed having you and the team from 6Med in to  run the MMI training day. After an intensive and thorough teaching session, our students were well briefed on all the key interview topics and discussion areas. The circuit itself replicated the unique environment of the MMI process. All the interviewers were well prepared and gave convincing performances as interviewers and thoughtful and necessary feedback to each student. I can only hope that our candidates manage to obtain as much as our last cohort who also undertook the course. We look forward to seeing you all again in the future! – Mr Choy, Bancrofts High School

6med kindly accepted to come to our college at short notice to provide a comprehensive MMI mock circuit for 55 of our aspiring Medicine and Dentistry students! They were very accomodating and gave expert advice to all students, including the Dentists! This practice was fundamental in the development of our students’ preparation for university interviews, and we accredit a lot of our students’ success to 6med’s innovative approach and teaching style. -Hayley Bendle, Cardiff Sixth Form College

Very good that they were all good students. Much better than medic portal. Love the book! I think it’s the most helpful thing to take away from the course. Very detailed feedback too.

Felt it was a valuable experience particularly the role play section which is especially difficult to replicate.

Excellent course. Good range of stations and teacher personalities. Excellent for practice

Think it was so useful, so similar to the real environment of an interview. Realised I have a lot to work on but I know exactly what to do! Thank you so much (star).

I liked the medical students – most in 3rd/4th years. They have first-hand knowledge and they’ve been through it – was very interesting and insightful

Liked the very in-depth detail we were taught in and I understood everything – great teacher. MMIs were very useful, take us out our comfort zone . Stations are very realistic i.e. kept it professional like an interview. Thank you!

I liked the MMI stations as I get a real feel of an interview and my weaknesses were highlighted.

You guys were nice + cool!! Cheers

I liked how there were a wide variety of stations including some I previously hadn’t thought about practising.

Course & feedback was comprehensive and advice was constructive and useful

I really liked how almost all the information taught in the morning was applicable in the afternoon.

A fantastic learning experience that demonstrates areas of improvement; a highly utile experience

Very useful advice and good first hand experience

It was very useful and relevant. Covered a broad range of questions and this helped improve my confidence.

I liked how we went round in pairs and got to see how our peers would answer the questions. [I liked] how all stations changed so got to see 20 different stations.

Course Quality – pretty good interviewers. Some things were difficult but just like in an interview, so pretty insightful

Interviewer Quality – amazing especially the acting

I liked how structured and informative the feedback was and the opportunity to observe and try yourself the next round was great.

Wide range of questions, useful feedback

Good selection of stations – I feel adequately prepared now

Comprehensive and detailed. Interviewers were really friendly and made me feel at ease while offering vital advice

I liked how clear and comprehensive the feedback was

I liked about the way that the interviewer gives appropriate comment and information about how we could improve better

The handout is very extensive and the MMI circuit simulation was very realistic. Constructive feedback was given as well J

I like how the interviewers have thorough feedback for each section. I think it will really help me to improve my interviews.

It was perfect.

The interviewers give me many detailed feedbacks and the experience is well organised.

Gave very detailed comments!

The contents of the course were quite useful. Important questions that may come up during real interviews were asked as well. I really do like the interview crash course book as it is filled with essential information for interview preparation.

It was really interesting with a balance in the different types of scenarios provided. Really helpful.

Huge variety and also the feedback was nice. Mimics a real life situation.

It was excellent overall.

It was really helpful! Thank you

I love you

Roleplay acting was superb, really got into it. Very realistic.