Interview Tips Video Series

Our Interview Tips series contains a load of super helpful videos to help you with your medicine interview preparation. We’ve had literally hundreds of thank-you messages from students who used the wisdom they gleaned from the videos to prepare for their interviews and got multiple Medicine offers. We’re not claiming credit for their performance of course, but if they found the videos useful, you might too. And hey, if you like the videos, you’ll love our Interview Crash Course and MMI Crash Course.

BMAT Tips Video Series

Our BMAT Tips series contains videos with pretty great advice on how to prepare for the 3 sections of the BMAT. We also go into a lot of detail about how to maximise your mark in the various subjects of Section 2, the section that generally causes the most anxiety for students. If you like these videos, you might also like to attend our BMAT Crash Course, or use our online question bank BMAT Ninja.

Medical Ethics Video Series

Medical ethics are an important aspect of the Medicine interview. These videos will get you up-to-speed on the required knowledge, but also go a bit beyond that to help you stand out. If you like what you see, you might like to attend our Interview Crash Course where we teach these in a bit more detail and incorporate them into personalised mock interviews to make sure you can talk about them in an intelligent fashion.

Medicine Application Tips

This is where we put our generally-helpful videos about various aspects of the Medicine application that don’t fit neatly into one of the other categories.

Evidence-Based Revision Tips Video Series

Our Evidence-based Study Tips series has skyrocketed the popularity of our YouTube channel. We’ve had over a thousand comments and messages from students who found that the tips changed their approach to their studies and helped them achieve better exam results.