UKCAT Crash Course – London – Sunday 1st July 2018

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UKCAT Crash Course – London – Sunday 1st July 2018


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The 6med UKCAT Crash Course is an intensive, one-day UKCAT preparation course run by medical students. We’ve been running these courses for 4 years, and have taught over 4,000 students. Check out our Reviews page to see what some of them had to say.

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We hope to see you (or your child) on the course!

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This course is in the Huxley Building of Imperial College, London.

Imperial College London
South Kensington

Directions – The easiest way to get to the Huxley Building is by going through the entrance at 180 Queens Gate. Please do not go via the main Imperial campus, because you’ll definitely end up lost. Here’s a Google Maps link to the place –

Once you’re in the Huxley Building, you’ll see signs directing you to the specific room that we’re in.

If you get lost, you can always give the instructors a call – they’ll send an email a few days before the course with a little welcome message and their phone numbers.

If you have one of those really basic handheld calculators (not scientific) then please bring that along. Otherwise, the calculator on your phone will suffice.

It’s a bad idea to practice using a scientific calculator as the one in the exam is far more cumbersome, so it makes sense to get used to that instead.

Other than that, please bring the standard stuff – something to write with, something to write on etc.

There’s no need to bring a printout of your confirmation email or anything like that – we’ve got your name (and/or your parent/guardian’s name) on our electronic register, so as long as you remember the name, it’s all good 🙂

We usually have our lunch break between 1-2pm. Sometimes, depending on how quickly we get through the morning content, we have to cut it down to 30-45 minutes.

Given that all our venues are quite centrally located, there are usually lots of shops nearby where students can get lunch from. Alternatively, feel free to bring a packed lunch – up to you.


The 6med UKCAT Crash Course is an intensive, one-day UKCAT preparation course run by medical students from some of the UK’s top universities. We’ve been running these courses for 4 years, and have taught over 5,000 students. Check out our Reviews page to see what some of them had to say.

The course will start at 10am and finish around 6pm. You can see the full timetable on the Course Info page (or by clicking the Timetable tab above).

The maximum class size is 30 students. There will always be 2 or 3 instructors per class, all of whom are current medical students at some of the UK’s top universities (you can see our instructor profiles on the About Us page).

Every student gets a free copy of our UKCAT Crash Course Workbook – this is a 300-page A4-sized book containing lots of strategy tips, techniques and practice questions that we go over on the day. You can get an idea of what’s in the book by visiting the Course Materials page.

You’ll also get our instructors’ email addresses at the end of the course – you’ll be able to contact them if you need a hand with any aspect of your UKCAT prep.

Course Timetable

10:00 – 10:30 Introduction + General Advice – Preparation, Practice, Strategy
10:00 – 11:45 Verbal Reasoning – Strategy, Tips & Practice Questions
11:45 – 11:50 Break
11:50 – 13:35 Quantitative Reasoning – Strategy, Tips & Practice Questions
13:35 – 14:25 Lunch
14:25 – 16:55 Abstract Reasoning – Strategy, Tips & Practice Questions
15:55 – 16:00 Break
16:00 – 17:00 Decision Making – Strategy, Tips & Practice Questions
17:00 – 18:00 Situational Judgment – Strategy, Tips & Practice Questions
18:00 – 18:10 General Advice + Q&A