BMAT Crash Course – Reviews

In the past 4 years of running the BMAT Crash Course, we’ve received a load of thank you emails from students who loved the course. Here’s a small selection.

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Below you’ll find some of the comments that were made (anonymously) by students via our feedback form at the end of the courses, as well as some that were emailed in afterwards. For the sake of integrity, we haven’t edited anything – what you read is exactly what the students wrote. The only thing we’ve changed is that we’ve blanked out the names of competitors wherever they’re mentioned – it’s just classier that way.

Hi! I attended your BMAT crash course in early September last year. Now I have just received my offer to read biomedical science at Oxford!!!!! Thank you guys so much for putting together loads of practice questions with detailed answers online as well as some excellent techniques! Couldn’t have ‘passed’ BMAT without your help! -Nancy (Offer from St Catherine’s College, Oxford)

Thank you to the lovely team at BMAT Crash Course (especially Ali and Usmaan) – you guys are stars! I’ve come out the other side with a great BMAT score and offers from 3 BMAT universities! The course itself is detailed, but definitely not overwhelming. Everyone is given a handbook with worked solutions from past papers and science notes for section 2 – it really covers all bases! Money shouldn’t be the difference between an interview and a rejection, and I was glad to see that the team at 6med really value this. BMAT Crash Course is the cheapest course on the market and is definitely the best value for money. They also provide bursaries to those who are really struggling, which is really admirable! They’ve got their heads in the right place! The Crash Course is well-structured, in-depth and enjoyable. I highly recommend this course. Thanks so much for being a part of my journey – I shall keep you all in my prayers. -Tasnim (Offer from Hartford College, Oxford)

Massive thanks – I attend both your bmat and interview courses and couldn’t be happier with the help I received! The bmat course covered all areas – I found it especially helpful for section 1, which without your techniques I wouldn’t have even known where to start! The resource online was also fantastic – I felt I had all the tools necessary to be well prepared for the exam. The interview course was also very useful, as before my Cambridge interview, I had only had 1 mock interview at school. I also really appreciated the fact I was able to change course dates when my Cambridge interview came through as earlier than the course I had booked originally. The students running both courses were fantastic – really knew their stuff and in general were just lovely to talk to and so happy to help. I’m delighted to say I’ve received offers from both Christ’s college Cambridge and UCL so far – my top two choices! So thanks again for the help! -Lucy

Hi Ali! Just wanted to let you know your fantastic bmat crash course and generous bursary scheme enabled me to get 6.6,6.2,3.5A and for that I just have to thank you sincerely. You have helped me and a number of my friends in our paths to pursue medicine. – Mharab (Offer from Oxford)

Thank you and your team again for your time and efforts, I thought the day was very well organised and professional. The students enjoyed the circuit greatly and appreciated both the style of the stations and the feedback, and found it all very useful. I am hopeful that we can do something similar again for the next cohort of applicants and that this training will result in many successful applicants this year. – Justin

Overall, great course and excellent learning opportunity. The enthusiasm of the instructors combined with all the extremely useful tips and strategies made this a course I would definitely recommend to others. The interactive style of teaching kept the course interesting, and kept the students awake. Other than the teaching, the 300 page book that comes with it is an ideal study guide to use when preparing for the test. Overall, I really enjoyed the course and 100% recommend it to anyone else taking the BMAT soon 🙂

Firstly, thank you very much for the BMAT Crash Course at Imperial last Sunday. I thought it was extremely useful, and much better than the UCAT course I attended earlier in the summer with Medic Portal – Lucy

I wanted to say that the BMAT crash course was truly excellent and expertly structured. The information given was extensive and relevant with many useful hints and tips. Also the instructors were very helpful and obliging. Please extend my thanks to the 6med team. Regards. – Katherine

Hope you are well. I just wanted to email to convey my MASSIVE thank you to the organisation! I was given a bursary and paid highly discounted prices for the BMAT course, BMAT Ninja and Interview course, all of which were extremely helpful! -Milap

The course was fantastic – I could not have asked for better. Our tutors were friendly and engaging, and made the intense day of teaching enjoyable. I learnt more physics in one day than I would have in a year at school, and I would definitely recommend the course to anyone taking the BMAT. -Vignesh (Offer from UCL)

The BMAT Crash Course was the best preparation possible for the exam. The teaching and resources were absolutely amazing, and made me understand exactly what I needed to do to succeed. The course was far cheaper than it should have been, and I can honestly say that the teachers (themselves Oxbridge medical students) were inspirational. If you’re taking the BMAT, you need to go on this course. – Zeeshan (Offer from Churchill College, Cambridge)

Before going on the course my section one was all over the place and I rarely got over a 4.5 in past papers, but the strategies you taught me really worked and were able to get me a score that kept me competitive, which was especially important with no UCAT to fall back on! My section two was undone by timing, but I would have been lost without the clear physics guidance which I got on the course. Any maths guidance would have been welcomed though. I also have to thank Katherine and Leo for being such good instructors. They made what was a grueling day quite bearable!

After having a little panic the week before the BMAT, I looked online and found this was the only course I could genuinely afford to go on, I am so grateful because without it I was headed for a much lower score and now I have three more chances to secure a place for medicine!

I would just like to say a massive thank you to 6med for creating these courses. I attended both the UCAT and BMAT crash courses and would wholeheartedly recommend both. The UCAT crash course in particular was superb; from the amazing 6med team (shoutout to Dan from UCL!) delivering the course on the day, to the even more amazing course handbook (which you can tell they put so much hard work in creating and which became my bible whilst revising). As a gap year student the first time I sat the UCAT, and not having attended the course, I score an average of 615 (VR:510, QR:630, DA:680, AR:640). Second time round, after attending the course, I scored an average of 707 (VR:590, QR:710, AR:820!). The BMAT crashcourse with the BMAT Ninja are also an incredible value for money, and I have since gotten an offer from UCL 🙂 Ps: their website has incredible articles for the personal statement and interview

Going from 4.5s to 6.2s in the real exam, BMAT ninja was my best resource for the test. A great service that concisely sums up section 2 of the BMAT, highlighting the most difficult/the most common areas on the exam, and fantastic tips from section 1 & 3, without which I would not have gotten the score that I eventually got. 🙂

Just to let you know that my son attended your BMAT course, did really well in BMAT which helped him get a place at Cambridge, which is fabulous… Really appreciate the help and support offered by your team. Thanks again. – Helen

I know that you’ve received positive feedback from me regarding the UCAT crash course but I thought that you’d like to know that the BMAT Crash Course at Cambridge was even more fabulous! The course has given me a more informed and efficient approach in tackling the questions (especially the Critical Thinking questions) and the Handbook is an absolute gem (I particularly like the worked solutions for each past paper). Although it was an intense and exhausting day, you both kept us all energised through constructive, helpful advice and occasional light, humorous banter. As a result, my scores have already begun to improve!! – Anjaline (offer from Imperial College London).

The BMAT crash course has stood me in great stead for the exam; our tutors were friendly, helpful and explained things extremely well, providing us with many handy tips and advice. I was amazed by how reasonable the whole set-up was and could not recommend it highly enough. – Tom (Offer from Girton College, Cambridge)

I received offers from both Jesus College Oxford and Imperial and I feel my BMAT score played a massive role in securing those offers. Thank you once again for the course – it helped me a great deal and I’ve recommended it to the medic applicants in the year below at my school. – Lasith (Offer from Jesus College, Oxford)

I noticed this was the email for the organiser of the UCAT and BMAT crash courses, of which I attended both, and I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone involved in creating two brilliant days that helped me so much towards gaining good results in both of the tests – I truly think that I wouldn’t have done nearly as well without the tips and advice I gained from coming on the course. I have just received an offer from Oxford Medical School and the BMAT was obviously a huge part in that process, so I just wanted to say a massive thank you particularly for the BMAT course for putting on such a brilliant day and say that I would highly recommend your courses to anybody. – Cameron (Offer from Oxford, he didn’t say which college)

The BMAT Crash Course was bloody amazing. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone considering doing the BMAT. – Matthew (Offer from Clare College, Cambridge)

I attended the BMAT crash course in Manchester today. I just wanted to say that it was absolutely brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and learnt so many useful tips, for example the labelling technique (If A, then B etc.) in the logic section, I had read about this technique before but never quite understood how you would use it in practice, however, thanks to the instructors, I now do! I also loved the fact that the instructors picked on people to answer questions, it really did make sure that we all got involved, when otherwise we may not have been confident enough to do so! The course has definitely made me feel much more prepared to tackle the BMAT. I don’t know who’s reading this email, as I believe this is a general inbox, but please pass on my thanks to the two fantastic instructors: Katherine and Leo, who made the day both enjoyable and informative. – Tahmeena

The course offers highly distilled content solely targeted at questions that are likely to come out, such as the various question types, how to go about tackling each one of them and helpful essay-writing strategies. Materials provided are invaluable; I particularly appreciated the worked answer keys to past year papers, which allowed me to learn from my mistakes and develop the optimal thought processes for tackling the BMAT. The team genuinely cares for their students, as evident from their constant updates even after the course, to inform us about the slightest of curriculum changes and provide advice and encouragement just before the test itself. I truly believe that this course, together with the appropriate effort, is what enabled me to excel in the BMAT, and I would highly recommend the BMAT crash course to anyone looking for a no-frills BMAT course at unparalleled time and cost efficiency. – Jimmy (BMAT Crash Course Singapore)

Very good content. Teachers are bright, friendly and have a good sense of humour! The service of marking BMAT essay is extremely helpful. Would definitely recommend it to my friends. My score is 5.4 in section 1, 6.8 in section 2 and 3.5A in section 3. Btw, I got into Oxford to do biomedical science and it is this course which has helped me to take down the first challenge! Thanks a lot for helping us through our stressful application process.

I just wanted to say that I found this service amazing and I’ve recommended it to anyone who is considering doing the BMAT. I was in a tricky position as I found due to complex circumstances I could only apply to 1 Med school however this service was super helpful with not only BMAT help/ support but the general application process including interview / personal statement. They also made it financially possible for me to access this support so I really appreciate that too. I myself have no medics in my family and I was 1 of 2 applying to Medicine from my college so I’m super grateful for such a supportive service which can help those who don’t have many ways of getting the support. I had an interview from that 1 Med School yesterday. I’m waiting to hear back and keeping my fingers crossed. Thank you all so much for your help and I’m sure you’ve helped so many people get 1 step closer to their dreams. Keep doing what you’re doing because its honestly incredible. -Rebecca

I would like to thank you and your colleague (Paul) for making time out of your schedules to come and teach the BMAT Crash Course here in Singapore. I believe it really meant a lot to all of us in Singapore that are interested in furthering our studies locally or in the UK, but are perhaps not so sure on how to better prepare for the BMAT. For me personally, after attending the course, I realized that Physics is actually not that difficult after all. Maybe it is because of the way that the concepts were explained, but that had made everything seem so much simpler for me. With that, I would like to thank the BMAT Crash Course team again. I can’t wait to apply what I have learnt to the actual BMAT! 😀 – Nah Yi Hao (BMAT Crash Course Singapore)

Thank you, Ali and to Suhail, for today! It was really nice of you guys to let me on one of your courses again and I would just like to say thank you again. Your course was amazing, and it was really good to have been taught Section 1 as it is a bit of a trickier one, but your methods seem great. Your handbook is great, and it’s really nice to have all of the contents for the BMAT (particularly Section 2) in a book. Thank you for today. You two were really nice, kind and funny at the same time. You made it very enjoyable! 🙂 Thanks again! – Lewis

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your advice on the BMAT crash course. I attended the Dorset one in September and I felt this email was necessary to say how brilliant it was! My results were 5.0, 6.1 and 5.0A (!!!). Before the course I was getting 3s… Essay writing is usually a very weak area of mine, and all the advice given instilled so much confidence in me. I’m not an unbelievably exceptional student so I can’t quite believe my results. I’ve applied to Oxford, but even if I don’t get invited to interview I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for making me realise the BMAT isn’t as impossible as it seems. I’m proud of myself and feel as though I have really achieved something. Update (a few weeks later): I just wanted to say a huge thank you for helping me conquer the BMAT – I now have a place for medicine at Lincoln College, Oxford! Can’t believe it. Thanks for all the help and say a special thank you to Jake and Suhail who ran my course. – Lillian (Offer from Lincoln College, Oxford)

I just wanted to reiterate how useful I found Sunday’s workshop. It’s been 18 years since I looked at any physics or maths and to be honest I was feeling pretty apprehensive about the whole thing but in actual fact I really enjoyed it! You and Suhail explained everything really clearly and at just the right pace and the course handbook is a great resource – I’m now feeling far more confident (or maybe that should be hopeful) about taking the BMAT. – Jennie

It was definitely worth it, probably better than all others, and was the cheapest. Also, others don’t give out the book of notes on science, which is awesome. I learnt more in this short course than I could possibly have learnt in a 3 day, more expensive course. Definitely going to tell school to send all future med applicants here. They really instilled in us the confidence that we would do well. – Erika

I’d like to thank you again for letting me on the course today; I found the guide and the mentors really helpful so now I have a reasonable idea of how to approach and plan for the BMAT (which wouldn’t have been possible before). Hopefully my BMAT exam goes well with this preparation. – Thonmoy

I really appreciate you letting me come at no cost. I also think the physics was explained excellently and I also liked the way you dropped in tips on other aspects of the application process. Also the venue was nice and comfortable. – Syed

Thank you for kindly informing us the slight changes to the BMAT and being such a wonderful tutor. It was extremely generous of you and your team to organise a trip to Singapore to conduct the BMAT crashcourse and attending it did make me feel a little more prepared because I knew what to expect better. Although the pace of the lesson was very tight, you and Paul were very patient if we did not understand any concepts (especially for me with regard to the NHS question to identify that a correlation cannot be taken as a causation). I hope you enjoyed yourself in Singapore and all the best for your future endeavours! – Olymphia (BMAT Crash Course Singapore)

I came to the Oxford crash course for bmat a week ago and just to let you know… It exceeded any of my expectations so thank you so much! I seriously doubt any other course or guide would give us the tips and techniques that you taught us…. So thank you!!!! PS: Fractions are my friends, and the book is my bible. – Harshi

You guys are fricking amazing, I rate you guys so much! – Tolu

I’d like to think that I’m quite a modest person so blatantly writing my BMAT scores on here is a bit weird for me! Anyhow Section 1: 6.3, Section 2: 5.7, Section 3: 4A. There is no denying that I am proud of what I have achieved. My first experience with 6med was the BMAT crash course and I found the day fantastic (technically I heard of 6med from a friend last year). The instructors (I think catherine and jake??) were encouraging and friendly and went through the bits everyone struggled with. I found BMAT Ninja very useful because there were so many questions to do that i know i would not run out of practise to do. I started practising a week before the exam and i finished like 60% of the questions!! Thank you very much for helping me get a fantastic BMAT score 🙂 . With regards to the interview crash course that was very good. Honestly, i have not had a look at the crash course booklet since that day, I felt that it was too bulky and i didn’t have the time to look through everything. Saying that, the day itself was good. we discussed common question which was good. I liked the set up how everyone was discussing and learning from each other. I was fortunate to do the mock interview infront of everybody. To say i benefited from that is an understatement. I sort of wish that everybody could have had the opportunity to do that because i learnt so much from it.

Thanks for the great course, it was really helpful! The critical thinking and problem solving sections were especially good because all the stuff I learnt about critical thinking at the course was basically new and it has made section 1 a lot easier for me. Even if I’d been able to learn all this through books and other resources, it would have taken so much longer than a few hours and much harder to understand without your clear explanations. Also the course handbook with example questions and advice is invaluable. – Apoorva

I much preferred the BMAT Crash Course to the Kaplan course. Crash course covers the science and formal logic better than kaplan for considerably less money. Plus it’s reassuring to have oxbridge students as your tutors. – Vikram

I thoroughly enjoyed the compact and condensed yet detailed nature of the BMAT crash course. Besides the instructors’ comprehensive guide to BMAT, I was also able to benefit from their experiences in the admissions process (getting advices on interview, personal statement, college choice, etc.). The instructors are also quick to update the subscribers on the latest syllabi and I will be sure to recommend this course to my juniors next year 🙂 – Jae (BMAT Crash Course Singapore)

Thank you very much! I can not imagine a better way to start and build-up in BMAT preparation. It was definitely worth coming here from Slovakia. You are really nice people and the course was intense, yet really enjoyable. I really appreciate it! – Greta

I attended the BMAT course with little prior knowledge of the exam and it’s contents. But both Tutors Ali and Suhail were really excellent in teaching me some full proof methods of the three sections which really helped boost my confidence. The workbook provided is excellent and is the perfect tool for revision, and the atmosphere of the class is great! I whole heartedly recommend the BMAT crash course to all future Medicine applicants! – Kash

The course for the day was very well structured, with very friendly and helpful student teachers. I do like the idea of students passing on their techniques as they have been through this process first hand and know what other students are anticipating. Well done guys and thank you. – Naomi

Thanks so much for the course today, it was so amazing! I couldn’t have possibly hoped for better. I shall definitely send friends next year! Just reading through the notes and they are so detailed and intense, can really see all the hours that went into it!

The Crash Course was very useful! As someone who hasn’t studied physics, I find their teaching most helpful because I learnt all necessary concepts in a mere couple of hours as compared to years. The instructors were also knowledgeable and approachable. Their valuable advice and support even after the course show their genuine care and dedication. I recommend this to anyone thinking of taking BMAT. Thanks, BMAT Crash Course team!

Brilliant course, brilliant presentation and presenters. I managed to get a 6, 5.5, 4A in my BMAT.

Brilliant for practising sections 1 and 2, where I achieved 5.5 and 5.9. It would be helpful if there was more emphasis on section 3, as I only got a 2A in this duevto lack of practice. However I still received an offer from Oxford, so thank you very much!

(I hope this is the right email address!) I just wanted to say thanks to you & all the team for all the help at the BMAT crash course last October – I managed to end up with interviews at Oxford, UCL and Imperial and offers from UCL/Imp! I’ll how be heading down to UCL this month to start my studies in medicine so thanks for providing such a great insight into the nightmare that was the BMAT. (And thank goodness I don’t have to do it again!!) – Anastasia

Really really enjoyed the bmat crash course. 90% was amazingly helpful. I feel that there needs to be more focus on recent papers and much more help with the essay section. Perhaps go through a wide arrange of possible essay titles in and give out the plans as well as the model essays… bmat ninja was good. especially the solutions. thank you ali for offering such generous bursaries. you helped me so much towards my dream of pursuing medicine.

I really liked the BMAT Crash Course. The instructors were funny and jovial, and taught us an absolutely huge amount. The courses were beautiful, and thanks so much for giving me a bursary too!!!

Hi Ali, Thank you so much for all your help, got an Oxford offer on 11 th Jan😀 Thanks again. – Nayanika

BMAT course was really helpful in boosting my BMAT score. I know it was expensive but I think for me it was worth it- my BMAT score just managed to scrape me an Oxford interview, and I have just received an offer which I am extremely pleased about. It was also enjoyable- got to go to lunch in London with my friends doing it with me, and the teachers were old fun. Ended up only scraping an Oxford interview – 5.3 6.1 4A. Overall very worthwhile so thank you!

I found the BMAT course really helpful to structure out the the bmat to make it easier – especially section 1 as well as some good tips for section 2 and 3. My BMAT score was 6.1, 5.1 and 3A.

The course was absolutely fantastic and really allieviated my stress about the BMAT. The online content was especially useful.

Both the UCAT and BMAT courses were very informative. The instructors were amazing and I owe it to them that I’ve had 4 interviews and an offer from Oxford for medicine.

A really useful revision tool! The explanations of how to answer questions were incredibly comprehensive and I used the same methods in my real exam!

Really helpful day. The guys are real and understand the challenges Involved in bmat prep.Pass paper answers and explanations on BMAT ninja were excellent, definitely worth the money. Thanks guys

I would recommend it to anyone taking the bmat.

This course is great and thanks to 6med i got 5.6,5.7 and 4A in the BMAT and have secured an imperial interview 🙂

BMAT score: 5.2, 5.3, 3A . I found the course great, all of the basics were covered and I learnt quite a few great tips, I would definitely recommend it to others wanting to study medicine:)

BMAT crash course was extremely useful for exam strategies and really helped during the exam. The course itself could have possibly been timed better as certain sections took longer and some were not covered in as much depth. The BMAt ninja was probably the most useful thing that I used as prep and was designed well. Apart from a few spelling errors the crash course book was extremely helpful. My BMAT score was 5.9 6.7 and 3A

The preparation was fantastic for the course and the practice questions with full explanations were indeed really helpful. I was able to get the score I needed for all the schools I applied for, however I missed the interview course and got rejected from Oxbridge unfortunately. Who would’ve known that preparation was so key?! A strong number of the other applicants I talked to had received interview practice at their private schools and if you don’t have access to such material, I highly recommend investing a bit into this project!

I attended both the BMAT and interview courses and both of them were fantastic. The course books provided are extremely comprehensive and the BMAT one contained numerous questions with explained answers. The instructors are always friendly and willing to answer questions during or after the session. I would highly recommend.

I found the day very useful! The work book provided was of really high quality in terms of content and it was nicely bound and presented. The only improvement I would suggest is for there to be more practise questions available to attendees for free. After spending money on the course it would be good to get more questions as we seemed to complete them all in the book on the course.

BMAT ninja has been the most help single resource I have ever encountered for exam preparation! Words cannot describe how effective and easy to read it is! I had under 10 days to prepare for the exam and it saved me and made me confident. There is almost no way I could have prepared for the BMAT this successful with this amazing online resource that truely is trailered to the BMAT exam. It lacks waffle, it’s clear, concise and even amusing to read! It’s actually fun to read haha. Only qualm I have about the BMAT Ninja resource is that it had some grammatical errors that threw me off a little. Having said this, they are not major. Another thing I wish the 6med team did was to update the guide per year. It doesn’t look like it had been update very much. I could however, be wrong about this. I’d like to see these changes for the 2017 guide as I’ve decided to re-take the exam to score higher with more time this year to prepare than the ten days I had previously.

On a separate note the BMAT 6med website is inspiring to read and makes me feel like I can do it. This is something I really liked and it actually helped me stay motivated, I imagine this too is the case for others.

I found the course great, all of the basics were covered and I learnt quite a few great tips, I would definitely recommend it to others wanting to study medicine 🙂

Basically speaking, BMAT Ninja saved my life. As an international applicant I had no idea what is required and what exactly should I focus on. So I was very happy to find you. Thank you and my BMAT score was: 5.6 in Section 1, 4.9 in Section 2 and 3A in Section 3.

I think in the bmat course the problem solving and data handling in section 1 and the essay in section 3 were a little rushed but the critical thinking part was very good. I ended up getting an offer from Oxford so I’m really grateful to the whole team at 6med.

Very good and helpful course and the medical students were enthusiastic and put in extra effort if we missed parts to help us catch up. They made sure everyone was involved and that we all benefited from the courses. BMAT ninja was good but the reason I didn’t use ukcat ninja was because it would have cost extra.

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for running the course, you guys are awesome. 🙂 I’m definitely recommending the BMAT crash course to Year 12 medics, and I’ll let you know how results go! -Izzy