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6th June 2020

  • What is happening to the UCAT this year?
  • When can students sign up/when will the exam be?
  • How should you prepare? Preparing early but not so early that you forget!
  • What are the different question types in the UCAT?
  • An example question for each question type
  • 6med top tipfor each question type
  • More detail for verbal reasoning only as an example
  • Q&A at the end

4th July 2020

  • Quick summary of the previous session intro
  • What does situational judgement mean?
  • How can they ‘learn’ situational judgement?
  • How does this fit into medicine as a whole?
  • Quick run-through of the pillars of medical ethics, guidelines for making decisions etc…
  • Discussion of interesting or unusual scenarios/real case studies
  • Responses to questions

1st August 2020

  • What is a personal statement?
  • What is it used for?
  • What sections might be included in a personal statement?
  • A 6med ‘top tip’ for each section which might be included
  • Some things to avoid (common errors)
  • Responses to questions
BMAT Overview Section 1 & 3

5th September 2020

  • What is the BMAT?
  • Are there any changes due to covid?
  • How to balance preparation for the BMAT
  • What are the question types in PS/CT?
  • 6med ‘top tip’ per question type
  • How to approach essay writing
  • Top tip + common mistakes
  • Link back to UCAT situational judgement
  • Answer questions
BMAT Section 2

3rd October 2020

  • Quick summary of the previous section
  • What does the BMAT science involve?
  • How to prepare/revise for BMAT science?
  • 6med ‘top tips’ for maths/bio/chem/phys
  • More detail for BMAT section 2 maths - the other 3 are covered in lots of detail on the course/in the book etc….
  • Common mistakes
  • Answer questions

7th November 2020

  • What to expect in panel interviews?
  • Common questions
  • Good/bad answers
  • Stuff you ought to know about the NHS/being a doctor/the difficulties of the job/current topical case studies

5th December 2020

  • How are MMIs different?
  • How have MMIs/interviews been affected by covid?
  • Example MMI stations - common
  • Run through a handful of common MMIs in more detail (the rest are covered in the book/course etc…)
  • Weird and wacky MMIs tutors have been asked

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