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BMAT Essay Feedback

Struggling to create the perfect essay? We're here to help!

BMAT Essay Feedback

For a lot of students, the BMAT section 3 is really tricky, and it can take a lot of practice. There’s a lot of skills at play here and, especially for science-y maths-y students who might not have written an essay in a while, those skills could do with a bit of honing. Not to mention, it’s really tight for space as well as time – coming up with a reasoned and perceptive argument in 30 minutes, on just a side of A4, is no mean feat! We put our essay feedback service in place to help you improve – giving you marks, and suggestions on how to improve them. If you’re working on the BMAT essay section by yourself, it’s so hard to know if you’re actually getting better, so getting that all-important feedback can really help set you at ease.


For when you can’t make the course but really, really want the book!

Our companion piece to our crash courses – although it works great on its own, too! Our books cover every section of the UCAT and the BMAT, including every question type that comes up so you’re well-prepared. Plus, you’ll get all our top tips, advice, and strategies for how to boost those scores and manage your time effectively. Not only that, but you’ll get tonnes of practice questions and worked solutions, as well as annotated example essays (for the BMAT.) If you’re unable to make it to our crash-courses, then you get a hold of our crash course booklets below. They’re great for self-study and you’ll get emailed a copy straight after checkout.

If you want something more in-person, register for one of our crash courses here (complimentary book included!), for lots of tips, advice, and strategies all taught by our expert tutors.

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UCAS Personal Statement Editing

The perfect personal statement is possible: we can help you with it.

UCAS Statement Editing

One of the things we realised, both during our own medical applications and since starting 6med, was just how stressful it is to write a personal statement. We had so many people writing in to us with questions and requests to review their statements – and we totally understand where they’re coming from! For a lot of applicants, it’s pretty alien and daunting to have to sell yourself to universities and it’s hard to know how to set yourself apart from the competition. That’s why our review service is here to help! Get your statement marked and edited by our experts – all the feedback and suggestions you need to make that statement perfect!

Crash Courses

Get ready with our one-day preparation courses

Whether it’s the BMAT, the UCAT, or the interviews that you’re feeling like you could do with some extra help with, our one-day preparation courses are designed to make sure you’re feeling confident to take on that challenge. Our one-day courses are totally comprehensive, and filled with all the information, tips, and tricks you’ll need to do amazingly in your admissions tests and interviews. All our instructors are medical students at the top universities in the country as well as experienced tutors. Therefore, we’ve put together these courses to let them pass on their knowledge of this tricky process to you – and inspire the next generation of prospective medics to get those top places and become brilliant medical professionals.

UCAT Crash Course

BMAT Crash Course

Interview Crash Course