MMI Crash Course – Course Materials

Previews and extracts from our 250-page A4 Interview Crash Course Workbook. Please do have a read through some of it and decide whether it’s worth investing in!

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Every student attending our MMI Crash Course gets a free copy of our Interview Crash Course Workbook. This contains a load of general interview advice, questions and strategy that helps for both structured interviews and MMIs. It also has a huge chunk devoted entirely to MMIs, with 20+ scenarios with full explanations and thought processes.

Topics Covered

Table of Contents

The Table of Contents is often a good indication as to what’s in a book. Here’s what ours looks like.

Introductory Remarks

While we try our very best to minimise the amount of ‘waffle’ in our books, the ‘soft stuff’ is a necessary part of doing well at interviews. Have a read through these few pages and see if you agree.

Preparing for Interviews

This is quite a hefty section, constructed by asking a tonne of medical students at our various universities what they did to prepare for their interviews. We’ve amalgamated their advice into a few actionable points. Here are some excerpts.

Inner & Outer Game

This is a controversial section of our Interview Crash Course book. Some students think it’s a total waste of space, while others think it’s the most useful few pages of advice they’ve ever read. We’ve included practically the whole section, so feel free to have a read through it and decide for yourself.

Answering Common Questions

This is an absolutely massive section in our book. Here are a few pages. Enjoy!

Answering Weird Questions

Everyone gets really worried about ‘weird’ questions that might come at them during interviews (we all certainly were). This section of the book tries to show that weird questions aren’t necessarily a bad thing, and gives some example questions, answers and most importantly, thought-processes that you can read through and hopefully apply to your own practice/interviews.

Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI)

Given that the vast majority of universities now use MMI for their interview process, we’ve devoted a sizeable chunk of the book to deconstructing MMI. We’ve included over 20 MMI scenarios with full explanations and thought-processes, along with some good, general advice for how to get through them. The mark schemes for the MMI stations that we do on the MMI Crash Course are also included in the book, so that all your MMI preparation material is in one place.