MMI Crash Course – Course Info

Our half-day course focused on training you up for the Multiple Mini Interviews.

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Our MMI Crash Course gives you the chance to experience what your actual MMIs will be like with the added benefit of receiving detailed personalised feedback on your performance.

Learn by Doing

Interviews, especially MMIs, can be very daunting for a number of reasons. For example, you’re expected to sit in front of complete strangers and convince them in one way or another that you’re suitable to study medicine at their institution. To make matters worse, in the majority of cases these people give you little or no indication as to how you’re doing. By attending the 6med MMI Crash Course, you will gain practice in meeting and talking to interviewers and each of you will receive detailed feedback on what you are doing well alongside constructive feedback on things that may need to be improved to make sure you are among the best and most memorable candidates. It’s a nice change from only being able to practice with familiar faces. Our trained assessors will be able to pick up on things that your loved ones may perhaps have not noticed.

The format of MMIs can also be quite intimidating as you are required to complete different tasks and manoeuvre between the different stations seamlessly – it is sometimes described as medicines equivalent of speed dating. As most students will have never participated in an MMI before, by attending our course not only can you familiarise yourself with the logistics of MMI, but you also get a practice run (in fact, two) allowing you to get a feel for the format and have any potential mistakes corrected.

Also, MMI questions and scenarios can vary greatly depending on what the university you are applying to. Some may prefer to quiz you on ethics whilst others may seek throw many role plays your way. By attending our course you will get the pleasure of exposure to a huge range of station types, questions and scenarios from our bank of resources. This will ensure that you are prepared for any situations you may come across at your own interviews.

Our MMI Stations

The 9 station circuit will be cycled twice. In each cycle, the stations you will attempt are:

  • Ethics
  • Current Topic Debate
  • Communication – Speaking and Listening
  • Medical Probity and Professionalism
  • Data Interpretation
  • Understanding of Role
  • Work Experience + Motivation
  • Breaking Bad News/Role Play
  • Person/Patient Interaction

Just as in real-life MMIs, you will have 1 minute to read the station blurb and 5 minutes to attempt the station. Our experienced interviewers (all of whom are medical students) will then provide you with written comprehensive personalised feedback for 3 minutes after you have finished attempting the station. When the 3 minutes are finished, you then move on to the next station and start the process again.


All advice given will be recorded in the 6med MMI Crash Course Booklet which you can take home with you. Feedback received is broken down into specific criteria that relate to the topic attempted so you get a more in-depth look into the components of your answers. This means you will be able to pinpoint your stronger and weaker points across the wide variety of stations. General advice on the different components of each question/scenario is also provided as well as bucket-loads (over 200 pages to be precise) of interview advice, information and general guidance.

The Buddy System

For the duration of the course, you will be paired up with another student to give you the opportunity to learn from them too. It gives them a chance to see things through the eyes of an interviewer and a unique and extremely beneficial opportunity to observe different approaches to answering questions and tackling scenarios. You’ll be surprised how much you can learn from just watching someone. You will get two opportunities to go around the circuit with the questions and scenarios changing in between and you and your partner will alternate who participates and who observes each station. By the end of the course you will both had attempted all stations and observed each other attempting the stations.

Although it might sound like an intense day, it is extremely enjoyable and we are all working to make sure you show the medical school interviewers the best version of yourself. We want to give them no reasons not to accept you.