Interview Crash Course – Reviews

When polled, 100% of students would recommend our course to a friend. Here are some comments sent in by email and on our feedback forms.

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Overall I really enjoyed the course and I guess most importantly it was really helpful! The small group size made the whole experience seem quite relaxing as you got to know everyone but, at the same time quite intense (in a good way) because the mentors had lots of time to dedicate to each individual. The fact you tailored the course to each individual was especially helpful- for example, I had an Oxbridge style interview by a mentor. The practise was invaluable to improve the way I answered questions and also, calmed my nerves! I’m really happy to say I’ve been given an offer to study medicine at Oxford and I can’t help thinking this course really helped me make my dream to study there a reality (if I get the grades to meet the offer hahah). So, really thank you so much 6med! Great value and great help 😊

Massive thanks – I attend both your bmat and interview courses and couldn’t be happier with the help I received! The bmat course covered all areas – I found it especially helpful for section 1, which without your techniques I wouldn’t have even known where to start! The resource online was also fantastic – I felt I had all the tools necessary to be well prepared for the exam. The interview course was also very useful, as before my Cambridge interview, I had only had 1 mock interview at school. I also really appreciated the fact I was able to change course dates when my Cambridge interview came through as earlier than the course I had booked originally. The students running both courses were fantastic- really knew their stuff and in general were just lovely to talk to and so happy to help. I’m delighted to say I’ve received offers from both Christ’s college Cambridge and UCL so far – my top two choices! So thanks again for the help! -Lucy

The interview course really helped to analyse different parts that could come up that I’d never thought about and actually get into the mindset of being prepared for an interview – not by practising lines but generally have responses for certain subjects.

I attended both the BMAT and interview courses and both of them were fantastic. The course books provided are extremely comprehensive and the BMAT one contained numerous questions with explained answers. The instructors are always friendly and willing to answer questions during or after the session. I would highly recommend.

I did the interview crash course back in November and I just wanted to thank you guys because I’ve since had three interviews which I felt were manageable. I also have gotten an offer from Cambridge for medicine and I felt a lot more comfortable in the interview due the crash course! I wanted to email to say thank you to the whole team for putting together such a great course and to Haroon and Katherine especially, as they led the session I attended. – Jane

It was absolutely fantastic! The course was informative and funny. The tutors were friendly and had a good sense of humour. The mock interviews in front of everyone was an eye-opening experience and was valuable. Thank you guys for all your help in my UCAT, BMAT and Interviews 🙂 -Anjeline

I attended one of your courses last month in London, ahead of my three med school interviews. Just wanted to say a huuuuuge thank you, since your course gave me a really big confidence boost as well as providing me with the nifty little details in the course book which certainly gave me an edge in the interviews! -Anonymous

Found it really useful – especially the mock Oxford interview. It helped me to think more laterally about my answers and reflect on my personal experiences. Putting us on the spot gve me chances to think on my feet and simulate interview conditions and pressure. Thank you! -Qudsiyah

I really enjoyed this course and found it really useful. I definitely feel more prepared for my interviews now. Thank you! (I would have found it a bit more useful if some current affairs were covered, but I understand the time constraints and we covered a lot during the day!) -Vindhya

I attended the Interview Crash Course on 15th November at Imperial in place of my daughter, who was unable to get there as she had injured her knee the day before during a lacrosse match. I just wanted to say a really big thank you to the instructors, Samah and Seb, who were both most impressive and passed on a huge amount of information in a really interesting and memorable way. Could you please let them know that I think they did a fantastic job and that I have since been able to pass on most of what they said to my daughter. The booklet you produced to go with the course is also proving to be an invaluable learning tool, so fingers crossed when it comes to interview time. -Lizzie

I’m waiting to see how I did in my Leicester and Sheffield MMIs but more importantly, I actually got an offer to study Medicine at Imperial (my top choice uni!) and I don’t think I could have done it without you guys, so thank you so much. Keep up the good work, these courses are a godsend. -Anonymous
Thank you so much for letting me attend the course this weekend in Cambridge after I couldn’t come last Sunday. It was a really great day and I am definitely feeling more confident about interviews! The course was a brilliant opportunity and has really boosted my interview preparation! – Katya

This is just to say the interview course today was top banter. Seriously though, it was really helpful and although I struggled at the beginning, by the end I could string a sentence together with decent content. The interviews don’t terrify me as much any more! Thanks so much and keep doing awesome courses! -Anna

Surprisingly relaxed atmosphere which helped all of our nerves! The teachers were really good 🙂

Just wanted to let you know, that the interview crash course at Cambridge was extremely helpful and informative. Helped me loads. Katherine, Samah and Seb were awesome! Keep up the great work guys! -Imran

Just letting you know that I had 3 interviews and have come away with 3 offers for Graduate entry medicine! The course was great for prepping me for the interviews so thank you again for putting them on. The bursary was much appreciated! – Latif

The 6med UCAT course has been instrumental to me gaining a place at medical school… I’ve also attended the interview course so I can vouch that this is genuinely a well hearted group of medical students running a fantastic and effective company helping students with their journey into medical school, thank you 6med!

I attended both the BMAT and interview courses and both of them were fantastic. The course books provided are extremely comprehensive and the BMAT one contained numerous questions with explained answers. The instructors are always friendly and willing to answer questions during or after the session. I would highly recommend.

Firstly I would just like to say a big thank you for all the help and support you have given me. Everyone was very friendly on the Crash Courses that I attended (UCAT and Interview) and they were all very helpful. I am certain I would not have gotten my UCAT Score without both the support and advice on the Crash Course and UCAT Ninja. In the end I got an average of 770 and even surprisedly managed to get 900 on AR and 800 on QR! I would highly recommend this course to everyone I know as it is 100% worth it and it’s the cheapest and most reliable course that I could find. Thanks to my UCAT I was able to get all of my interviews from all the universities that I applied to (Kings, Queens, St Georges and Birmingham) and have received offers from three of them so far. Still waiting on Kings! I want to thank you also for having a look through my personal statement and helping me improve it and giving me valuable suggestions! The friendliness and supportive atmosphere created at the Interview crash Course was lovely and really helped with my confidence and consolidating my thoughts and approach to a Medical School Interview. The preparation and information I received that day about both MMI interviews and Panel interviews was vital and I believe helped me to prepare for all of my interview. Thank you very much on helping me through this long and hard medical school application journey. I couldn’t have done it without your dedication and hard work! Thank you! 🙂