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Do you offer private tuition/coaching?

We didn’t plan to offer any private tuition initially, on the grounds that it would go against our company ethos of levelling the playing field and removing the question of money from the applications process. However, we were contacted by several students over the year who felt they learn best in a one-to-one setting, and so we’ve partnered up with a company who offer a private coaching option.

Our standard rate for private tuition is about £125/hour (or £95/hour if done over Skype), which is admittedly pretty steep. There’s nothing that we cover in our private sessions that isn’t already covered in the one-day Crash Course, so the only students that tend to find benefit in our private sessions are the ones who, for whatever reason, find it significantly harder to teach the content to themselves.  

What we always suggest is for students to attend our course, study the material in depth themselves afterwards, and if they’re still struggling, then we’re happy to provide the additional help. If you’re interested, please contact us here and we’ll try and work something out with you.