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Will the interview crash course help me apply to Oxbridge?

Good question. The answer is partly yes, and partly no.

Yes – because if you ask us to, we can tailor your mock interview so that it’s more ‘Oxbridgy’ than normal interviews. So that’s a good way of getting some experience of the typical Oxbridge format.

No – because as sad as it sounds, you can’t really teach someone how to be good at Oxbridge interviews. It’s very much a case of just knowing your subject and being intelligent enough to tackle the subject-related questions that they’ll throw at you. What our course will teach you is how to come across as a nice person in your interview (which always helps) and how to structure your answers to the “generic” interview questions that they sometimes ask. We also have a section in our Workbook dedicated to Oxbridge interviews, though again, there’s nothing really that we can “teach” you about it – the book will just help you get an idea of what it’s all about, and bust some myths that surround the Oxbridge interview process.