It’s true, we’re not UCAT examiners or anything (if those even exist). We’re just a group of medical students who have successfully been through the process. As such, you won’t get any insider knowledge from us (nor will you from anyone else), but what you will get, is arguably the most important perspective – the student’s perspective. Because we know what kinds of things you’ve covered in school, we’re able to tailor our teaching to suit you, in a way that no one else really can.

Along with this, we’ve worked very hard to bring you the best strategies and techniques that have worked for us and we know will work for our students. You can rest assured that our close-knit team of instructors and course material writers have all secured UCAT scores of 725 and above, with many scoring in the 800s.

It goes without saying that we constantly test and improve upon strategies year on year, and cover any new changes to the UCAT. We know how hard the UCAT is, and at the end of the day, it just really helps to be taught by people you can easily relate to – it makes things far more enjoyable. Besides, we’ve all of us have years of teaching experience under our belt, so you’ll be in good hands!

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I'm a medical student at Cambridge University, and one of the co-founders of 6med. I created the BMAT Crash Course and Interview Crash Course, and helped code BMAT Ninja and UKCAT Ninja. If you need a hand with anything, feel free to give me a shout!

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