Very valid question. It’s true that we’re not qualified experts in interview coaching (if that’s even a thing). As such, you won’t be getting any insider knowledge from us but what you will get, is arguably the most important thing – the students’ perspective. All our instructors are current medical students at some of the top universities in the country, and we’ve all been helping out with interview preparation at our schools these last few years. We know the common mistakes that students always make, and we know what to teach you to help you perform at your best. Besides, being taught by someone close to your age is much more enjoyable (and by extension, much more useful) than being talked at by a middle-aged adult that you can scarcely relate to!

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I'm a medical student at Cambridge University, and one of the co-founders of 6med. I created the BMAT Crash Course and Interview Crash Course, and helped code BMAT Ninja and UKCAT Ninja. If you need a hand with anything, feel free to give me a shout!

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