We’re replacing our monthly A-Level with exciting new courses that will take you through the entire syllabus in an accessible (fun?) format!

If you’re already an A-Level customer, you’ll get these for free. If you’re not, then you can pop your email in here to be reminded when they launch!

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What is live monthly a-level tuition?

Signing up to live monthly tuition means that you will get access to a monthly 8-hour course per subject you have access to that runs live on Zoom. This course will cover the syllabus for Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Maths for all major exam boards (OCR, AQA, Edexcel) over the course of several months – you’ll get useful notes and resources with each session you attend.


Simply choose which subjects you want support with, and get access to the course for that subject each month. Once you feel like you’re ready for your exams, just cancel your subscription and smash your exam!

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How does monthly A-level tuition work?

Getting started is easy. Choose how many subjects you want access to, purchase your subscription, pick your subjects and start attending your monthly courses until you feel like you’re ready for your upcoming exams!


Decide how many subjects you’d like access to and purchase the relevant subscription.


You’ll be sent a form asking which subjects you want access to each month – fill this out!


You’re ready to go. Simply attend your monthly course(s) and watch your knowledge grow!

Whenever you feel like you’re prepared and don’t need the help of our awesome tutors anymore, you can just cancel your subscription.

When do courses run and what are they like?

The monthly course will run on a Saturday or Sunday from 10AM – 5PM. The exact date will depend on which subject you choose and of course, the month! Each course will also provide you with detailed notes and resources covered in the session.


You can check out an example course schedule for each subject below to get a feel for things. The course may run to a slightly different schedule on the day, but we’ll always cover all of the topics.

Biology Session 3
10:00 Membranes
11:00 Human Gas Exchange
12:00 Animal Gas Exchange
13:00 Break
13:30 Respiration
14:30 Cardiovascular systems and structure
16:45 End of Course
Physics Session 3
10:00 Circuits, LDRs, LED , Key quantities, volutage/pd and resistance
11:00 Series and parallel circuits, Ohm's law
12:00 V-I characteristics, Kirchoff's first law
13:00 Break
13:30 Kirchoffs second law, conductors, semi conductors, superconductors and insulators
14:30 Electrical energy
15:00 Particle model of current, mean drift velocity. I=Anev, Energy of individual particles, changes to resistance with light and temperature.
16:00 EMF, Termin PD and Internal Resistance. Eddy Currents
16:45 End of course
Maths Session 3
10:00 Coordinate Geomatry and Equations of circles
11:00 Parametric Equations
12:00 Sketching parametric Equations and Graph transformations
13:00 Break
13:30 Intersection of circles and lines
14:30 Signma notation and sequences and partial and infinite series sums
16:30 Modelling with series
17:00 End of course
Chemistry Session 3
10:00 Benzene ands aromatic compounds, electrophillic substitution
11:00 Amines, Polymerisation
12:00 Reactions of Amino acides and other biological chemistry
13:00 Break
13:30 Collisions theory, Maxwell-boltzman distribution, catalysts
14:30 Gibbs free enrgy, born-haber cyclers, thermodynamics
16:00 Equillibrium and Constant Kp 16:45 End of course

What do the resources look like?

Each and every session you attend will give you access to super-useful notes that you can use for your revision, along with practice questions to explain the topic in more detail. Here’s an example of what to expect from each session:

Courses taught by medics who already achieved A’s & A*’ at A-Level.

Each course is led by your friendly, knowledgeable tutor. They’ll have experience in supporting students with A-Level preparation, and will have achieved stellar grades themselves.


Feeling out off your depth at any point? Just ask on the day and your tutor will be happy to help!

What Makes Our Tutors Awesome

A-Level Tuition Course Pricing & Options

Are you a wizard of Biology, but can’t quite hit the mark when it comes to Physics? Just pick one subject and pick Physics on your form for focused support with it. It’s not uncommon for students to get support for all subjects to make sure they get the grades they need. And you’ll get a hefty discount.

1 Subject

per month.
£ 8 per subject per month.
  • Works Out @ £1.14 / Hour
  • Pick 1 subject.
  • One 7-hour

2 Subjects

per month.
£ 7 per subject per month.
  • Works Out @ £1 / Hour
  • Pick 2 subjects.
  • Two 7-hour

3 Subjects

per month.
£ 6 per subject per month.
  • Works Out @ £0.85 / Hour
  • Pick 3 subjects.
  • Three 7-hour

4 Subjects

per month.
£ 5 per subject per month.
  • Works Out @ £0.71 / Hour
  • Access to all subjects.
  • Four 7-hour

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Got some questions you’d like answered?

The courses run each month on Saturday or Sunday (depending on the subject) from 10AM to around 5PM, with a break inbetween. You can see when the courses are running here.

Your subscription lasts as long as you would like! If you just want to attend one upcoming course to cover a certain topic, just sign up for a month and cancel afterwards.

The cost depends on how many subjects you choose to get support for. One subject (so one 7-hour course per month on that subject) costs £8/month.

The more subjects you choose to sign up for, the better the discounts will be – you can check out our Pricing here.

The subscription payment will start on the day that you place your order. You will then be charged each month until you decide to cancel your subscription – which you can do at any time on your account page.

The course will be delivered live on Zoom. You’ll be sent the links once you sign up. Simply join on the day and soak in the knowledge!

Since we’re helping budding medics, you can choose to get A-Level monthly tuition courses for Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry.

Once you set up your subscription, you’ll be sent a form which will ask you which subjects you want access to. Just fill that out and we’ll send over the right links so you can attend the right courses.

Each major exam board (AQA, Edexcel & OCR) syllabus will be covered over the course of several months for each subject.

Head over to our Help Centre which has just about every answer to the questions you might have.